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Once the slow sales of goods is now popular around the world, the interpretation of Rolex Daytona why "a table hard to find"

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"We do not have the right thing to keep the watch." We often remind you of the idea that we want to break the myth that many people are taught by televisions, especially those who are now moving at will The experts ask the experts to tell you that the price of this table may be up, you can really want to catch the hands of this only out to sell, then the price is still the first Cut a big cut. But then, every time we will be very honest to add a proviso: In addition to a small number of brands of a few styles. When it comes to here, usually we stopped, if you still stubbornly want to know which brand which style, then, to pursue the Rolex Daytona it, as long as there is courage.

Today in the auction the most powerful brand, one Patek Philippe, one Rolex, however, these two are very different brands. Patek Philippe is an aristocratic, precious metal shell, heap face full of complex functions, even if people do not understand the table probably have a way to imagine it expensive where, but look at the end of last year, Christie's Daytona shot out of the results, the highest price Is a steel box chronograph - just like all Daytona, but its price is more than 33 million Taiwan dollars, which has gone beyond the general public on the market mechanism of common sense.

It is assumed that Daytona is the greatest chronograph in the history of it, but to explain its great where, how come, but it is very difficult In terms of product, Daytona is indeed a very good chronograph, but whether it is the year or modern, to say that it is the best chronograph, I would like to rational people will say no.

Daytona's full name should be Cosmograph Daytona, beginning with even Cosmograph, no Daytona words. Cosmograph This word is from "Cosmic" plus "Chronograph", first used in the Rolex's moon phase chronograph.

It is said that Daytona this product line was originally made into NASA Apollo program official table as the goal, so will use this very space name. Unfortunately, the Apollo plan was finally won by Omega's super, and the Cosmograph was out of the way, and at that time Rolex began to serve as the official time for the Daytona contest in Florida, A change, the Cosmograph changed to a special car table, and then even directly to the Daytona printed on the face plate, since we only call it Daytona, in addition to official text, very few people will be attached to the Cosmograph together.

Mistakenly hit Paul. Newman Paul Newman legend

Daytona from 1963 to today, has gone through five generations, even though the appearance of modification during the change, the movement from the chain to the automatic chain, others do to change their own, but as a generation of time classic, it The performance has always been affirmed, especially from the 1970s sold to the third generation in 1987, the shape inherited the previous two generations of two-color discs, vinyl bezel and so on the car taste very heavy features, but also the first The use of Oyster-style waterproof shell and screw-in by the lock, whether it is style or performance, can be said to be a masterpiece, second-hand price is the best of the past, the other year after 1988 launched the fourth generation, although the change Equipped with automatic movement, the overall specifications is better, but get rid of the two-color disc and apron and so on elements, but it lost the original Daytona taste, second-hand market, but only three generations of half.

The story of this, Daytona can only be regarded as excellent performance, look like chatter chronograph, really want it to be legendary worth of reason, should have to pull to Paul. Newman, the big star that could actually have nothing to do with Daytona. The first three generations of Daytona's six models have a special style, its sub-face plate with a small square to mark the scale, like this style in the table fans were nicknamed Paul. Newman. The reason why there will be this nickname, rivers and lakes on the different opinions, one that he had in a movie wearing Daytona with the same paragraph, but in fact, in that movie has never clearly show off the watch, a few decades After Paul, Newman himself also said in the interview that they do not remember this thing, and therefore, the origin of this call became legend.

The origin of the legend is not important, it is important that this style of the original production is not much, plus these unknown stories bogey, then let the style of the price so up; the same day Daytona, just add Paul. Newman's face plate can be three to five times more expensive than the average, if it is Paul. Newman in the special style, that the price will go up again. In this "rare degree of refinement" continue to repeat, a steel box chronograph finally fired into a distorted reality of the market.

Today, a new steel box Daytona spend a 400,000 or so you can start, if you want to be arty to find only three generations, about to spend a 20 to 30 million, here, some people are likely to jump into the heart, but If you want to multiply by three to five times dare to shout, we guess in any case are not rational level, the terror is that each made such a transaction, will let the next market and then turn up, no wonder Some people doubt that this is a systematic financial operation behind it.

Is it possible to have a second legend like Daytona? Some people are optimistic about Panerai, saying it will be the next generation of super rookie. But the so-called Daytona experience is the result of days and people, want to copy also can not copy, although nearly a decade, Panerai grew fast and fierce, but really want to take this stick, but really easy ah.

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