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Maintenance guide - how many years to do maintenance wash oil

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This problem seems simple, but it is difficult to say clearly.
In accordance with the conventional stresses, 3-5 years to clean once, to delay the life of the table is good.
However, in real life, more than 10 years do not wash the oil, and still normal to take the table, a lot of people!

My opinion: if the table is all normal, no regular maintenance!
Then someone worried: if not regularly maintenance, will affect the table life.
In fact, no need, because the table as people, really need to maintain, there will be some symptoms occur.

According to my experience, years of normal operation of the table when the following circumstances, the table will need to wash the oil:
1, the table suddenly go fast or go slow (on the magnetic, gossam box except);
2, sometimes stolen;
3, the efficiency of the article is low;
4, listen to the sound there are noise;
5, continue to travel time down;
6, hand chord 5 above the table and so on and so on.

If the above situation, you do not wash the oil, the table will be damaged!

So the conclusion: watch the maintenance time should be based on the specific table, the specific user and the use of the environment, should not be mechanically in accordance with the fixed year to maintain!

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