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Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze Bronze Watch 79250BM

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From fine steel, rare metal, to ceramic, carbon fiber and other high-tech materials, wrapped movement and contact with your wrist material thousands of species. Full of the topic of the "bronze club" recently more than a member - TudorHeritage Black Bay Bronze (Kai Bibi Bay bronze watch, 79250BM).

Throughout the case material, copper may be one of the most able to reflect the retro and sailing feelings. Resistant to seawater corrosion, and its easy casting characteristics make it widely used in ships and diving equipment.

In recent years, the watch industry set off a wave of bronze watch. Their fascination is that people will never touch the "bronze" needs of the environment and its speed of change. Some brands will be in the watch factory before the first pretreatment, so that copper watch a little old, Tudor is not the case.

As the latest member of the Kai Bian Bay series, this latest watch in the 2016 Basel Watch is like a roundabout of the ancient sea times, and the bright yellow case of aluminum-copper alloy is glowing red. But with the flow of time, Heritage Black Bay Bronze will vary, according to the wearer's habits to change the unique luster, for example, you breathe the air or their own body contains acidic substances will make the watch used aluminum bronze alloy Gradually evolved into dark brown tones.

Different from the tin-copper alloy, Heritage Black Bay Bronze table within the aluminum-copper alloy is more stable, there will not be mottled green copper rust, but its aging rate is still ten times the stainless steel watch. Just as people are particularly interested in the antique table on the wear of the bezel, dial and aging after the failure of the luminous material "tritium" as the years mark makes the watch as a collection of higher value.

Case all the whole body after drawing processing. In the bottom cover part of the skin, Tudor takes into account the skin may be allergic to long-term exposure to copper, so the use of steel material, and deliberately made bronze PVD treatment. To more fully reflect the retro sense, Heritage Black Bay Bronze lugs introduced the ear design. Eye-catching crown is derived from Tudor 1955 launched a large "crown" watch (model 7924), side engraved with Tudor rose logo.

For the first time in the Tudor dial tan tone also in the "retro" tribute, bezel with aluminum alloy material, covered with dumb brown anodized aluminum circle. On the surface of the angular "snow" pointer also draws on the traditional aesthetic of the brand, this feature first appeared in the 1970s for the French Navy mass production of watches.

"Over the years, I have been able to produce some watches for dealers to sell at a more popular price, but as trustworthy as Rolex, so I decided to create a new company and named TUDOR WATCH COMPANY, Sales of these new watch. "March 6, 1946, that is, the end of World War II to be abandoned, Rolex owner Hans Wilsdorf announced the news. He must have been aware of the confidence of the people who will regain the confidence of life, then launched by the Rolex case, crown, and outsourcing movement composed of cheap watch.

Just like its name Tudor, the British Tudor dynasty, Tudor was infinitely in the next few decades. Since the launch of the Oyster Prince in 1952, the Royal Navy carried 26 TudorOyster Prince watches in the same year's Greenland scientific expedition. Wait until the 1950s, Tudor participated in the development of professional diving watch project, and was fortunate to be adopted by military organizations. In 1964, Tudor supplied the Oyster Prince Submariner watch to the US Navy. Subsequently, it launched in 1974, a series of diving watch was adopted by the French navy. By 1970, the first TudorOyster date chronograph watch was born.

Tudor Oyster Prince

Tudor Oyster Prince Submariner

Tudor Oyster Date
However, after 2000, Tudor stars were more or less covered by Rolex, into the latter of a entry alternative. Until the 2008 brand decided to revive the watch, and more than 40 years of "skill" gathered to TudorHeritage Black Bay - 2012 launch of the greenber Bay Bay; 2014 launched midnight blue circle Black Bay; 2015 black circle Black Bay The "The reason why choose a big shoulder without a shoulder, because it is one of the symbols of Tudor." Designer Ander Ugarte accepted the magazine "Revolution" interview, said, "almost all diving watches have shoulder pads, crown design will be A big feature. "

This series of watches is not simply the classic watch engraved and then re-sale. Its design reflects the history of the classic submarine and bold blend of modern simple and neat lines: large snow hour, large pieces of luminous materials, gold-plated time scale, vivid color rotating bezel.

Unlike the first three wristwatches in the Kai Bei Beiwan series, the 3,6,9 mark on the Heritage Black Bay Bronze dial is Arabic numerals. This is reminiscent of the same group "Big Brother" Rolex "Explorer" explorer. Bronze watch dial printed with 6 lines of text, the first time "Chronometer Officially Certified" words, means the official certification of the Observatory. A little attention will also find that this piece of bronze watch than the previous Kai Kai Bay series of watch the same thickness, slightly larger diameter on a circle (43 mm).

Rolex Explorer explorers

It is equipped with a self-made chain movement MT5601, rather than ETA2824-2 movement. As a member of the Rolex Group, Tudor compared to the full R & D resources. At the Basel Watch Fair last year, for the first time launched a separate R & D, manufacturing and assembly of mechanical movements MT5612 and MT5621, size of 31.8 mm and 33.8 mm - "MT" on behalf of "Manufacture TUDOR" (Tudor manufacturing).

Now the new MT5601 is a pure self-produced three-pin automatic movement, the size of 33.8 mm. Movement frequency of 28,800 times per hour to match the inertia of silicon hairspring fine-tuning balance wheel, and fixed to the plywood. It can provide 70 hours power reserve, which means that the wearer on Friday after taking off the watch, after a weekend to re-wear when there is no need to re-link.

"Unlike our watch, the Heritage Black Bay Bronze is 100% produced in Switzerland except the strap." Sven Olsen, general manager of Tudor UK, told the British weekly "The Week", "The strap is from northeastern France A weaving factory with more than 150 years of history. "Unlike other versions of Black Bay, the bronze watch has no metal bracelet available. On the contrary, the box you can find a deliberately do the old leather strap and a brown striped fabric strap, which buried a lot of history stems.

Early Tudor was supplied for the French Navy when asked to have no need to watch straps as they had their own straps. One of the early watches is quite special, the strap made of elastic fabric, from the French rescue team landed the fabric, the central yellow silk people can faintly identify the original purpose, and Tudor is from it to draw inspiration, making Black Black Jacquard Ribbon with Black Bay Bronze.

2009, most of the Swiss luxury watch brand has not yet pay attention to weave strap, or that weave strap can not match the delicate style of its products. The origami of the weave strap comes from the army. In the early 1970s, NATO used the nylon strap as the standard raw material for making the strap. Although they do not have to wear leather straps comfortable, but affordable, and easy to replace. From 2000 onwards, weaving pattern band wave again in the frenzied collectors circle in the rise. Tudor then upgraded the weave pattern design and found a cooperative factory in France with a jacquard weaving process. After 2010, TudorHeritage each watch, as well as TUDOR Fastrider and Clair de Rose part of the watch, are equipped with exclusive Tudor weave strap.

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