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Omega watch repair

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Now watch the watch more and more people, the same maintenance watch the store is more and more, there are many watches ordinary stores can not be repaired, the need to a professional maintenance center for maintenance. Omega watches are the world watches, maintenance Omega need to go to a professional maintenance center for maintenance. Shanghai Heng Deli watches maintenance center to maintain the world's top watch a variety of watches, where your love table will have a professional maintenance technician to repair, you repair the best choice for Omega watches.

Omega watch error is normal, the following please Shanghai Hyde Lee watches repair center professional service technicians to tell you about the cause of the errors in the Omega watch reasons:

(1) lack of power reserve: you need to check the power is sufficient, automatic winding mechanical watch if the small amount of exercise may also cause lack of power storage, you can manually add the way to add power, and then observe whether to continue to speed The phenomenon.

(2) lack of electricity: If the quartz watch suddenly found to go slow, it is likely that the battery energy caused by insufficient, you can send the watch to the special maintenance point to detect electricity.

(3) has been beaten or hit: the watch is very close, if the impact or beating may cause internal parts loose damage may also cause travel problems.

(4) need maintenance: movement of oil or internal parts wear and tear aging may lead to travel problems, the need for maintenance, need to be sent to the designated maintenance point for maintenance services.

(5) In addition to these common conditions, some of the impact of ambient temperature, watch by the magnetic: If the watch's hairspring is magnetized, watch travel is not accurate. The influence of the wearer's use habits may cause an increase in the travel time error.

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