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Cartier Fine Watchmaking collection

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The Fine Watchmaking collection offers a consistent commitment to the watchmaking and watchmaking, with unique craftsmanship and innovative experimental techniques, with details of the design of each watch and the ultimate imagination. Cartier this year is no exception, the introduction of a variety of elegant masterpiece masterpiece, once again show excellent design and outstanding technology.

CARTIER hollow complex watch the ultimate time art; CARTIER; Cartier; Rotonde de Cartier; Tourbillon; three asked; calendar; double Tourbillon
CARTIER hollow complex watch the ultimate time art; CARTIER; Cartier; Rotonde de Cartier; Tourbillon; three asked; calendar; double Tourbillon

In 2015, Cartier once again break the stereotypes, perfect showing a combination of watch technology and aesthetics. Cartier full of ambition, to explore the new significance of watch art, so that the traditional complex function to reproduce the glory, more perfect. Until today, Cartier has developed a unique movement of 33 Cartier, show professional watch brand on the watchmaking enthusiasm, but also proved Cartier R & D and production of self-made watch the professional and strength.

The high-level watch series activities, will also show a special 3D touch screen, can be close to explore the details of the Cartier calendar year published a series of advanced watch, including ID2, Rotonde de Cartier floating tourbillon three asked the watch, Rotonde de Cartier Astrocalendaire celestial running perpetual calendar watches and Rotonde de Cartier mysterious double tourbillon watches.

Rotonde de Cartier large complex function hollowed out watch

CARTIER hollow complex watch the ultimate time art; CARTIER; Cartier; Rotonde de Cartier; Tourbillon; three asked; calendar; double Tourbillon

Features 1: three asked when the newspaper: pleasant timekeeping sound
Three times the newspaper is regarded as one of the most complex complex functions in the field of advanced watchmaking: through its magical and complex mechanism, the time scale is transformed into crisp sound, which brings auditory enjoyment. 9406 MC three-way movement highlights the spirit of excellence in high-level watches and clocks, the two characteristics of compelling: sound spring and hammer on the dial clearly visible; pendulum independent of the table near the side of the bridge, a real "floating "Pendulum. Cartier watch master of the outstanding process, so that they can create a harmonious and pure sound quality, giving noble and elegant platinum case unique voice signs, clear and clear, soft and sweet.

Features 2: floating tourbillon: between gravity and light
Rotonde de Cartier large complex function watch 12 o'clock position set floating tourbillon, compact design achievements watch unique logo. At the technical level, the tourbillon is equipped with the ultimate lightweight titanium frame, to the greatest degree of offset the impact of gravity, to ensure accurate travel time. From the aesthetic point of view, 9406 MC-type movement is not on the bridge, the achievements of "floating" Tourbillon miracle.

Features 3: calendar: the time of adjustment, a hundred years
This calendar is not only able to automatically jump on the last day of the month (30 or 31 days) to the next month, in the year or even leap year in February can also accurately jump to March. Rotonde de Cartier large complex features watch calendar both astronomical functions, to make up for the calendar 365. 25 for a year caused by the error, the original four years to adjust the calendar is now only a hundred years to adjust once.

Features 4: hollow dial so that the arrangement of the three complex functions more harmonious
Hollow 9406 MC-type movement to make three hours, perpetual calendar and floating tourbillon do now, the movement of the complex structure and unique beauty at a glance. Many of the three complex functions of the parts are also used hollow decoration, in the aesthetic level to highlight the "Poinçon de Genève" (Geneva quality mark) superb standards. Chamfering, side drawing, gem mosaic, groove polishing and other modifications in this piece of movement on the front, it is more important. Calendar display disk clearly show the date, week, month and year; floating tourbillon and three asked the time of the sound spring, hammer also decorated the dial space.

Features 5: Excellence movement is extremely thin
9406 MC-type movement thickness of only 5.49 mm, delicate and delicate appearance for its complex structure to add charm.
Cartier watch master on the three complex functions of the connection part of the re-conceived, with creative ingenuity to the gear, sound rake, star wheel, scroll wheel cleverly placed between the little bit.

Case: 950 platinum case, 45 mm in diameter
Crown: round beads 950 platinum crown, mosaic one
Round convex sapphire
Pointer: bar, apple and hammer blue steel pointer
Strap: Black crocodile leather strap
Clasp: 18K White Gold Clasp Clasp
Case thickness: 12.6 mm
Sapphire crystal mirror and table back
Waterproof depth: 3 bar (~ 30 meters)

Rotonde de Cartier large complex function hollowed out watch
Cartier 9406 MC workshop refined self-winding mechanical movement, equipped with three asked the newspaper, floating tourbillon and perpetual calendar function, hollow design.
950 platinum case, diameter 45 mm, water depth of 30 meters
Power reserve for 50 hours
Number and limited sale of 50, platinum models, reference price: NT $ 20,300,000
Number and limited edition 10, platinum diamond models, reference price: NT $ 23,500,000

Crash Hollow Watch, Cartier 9618 MC Movement

CARTIER hollow complex watch the ultimate time art; CARTIER; Cartier; Rotonde de Cartier; Tourbillon; three asked; calendar; double Tourbillon

1967: a legendary watch to write Cartier watchmaking history: this accidental and pleasant encounter, is the Crash watch. With the introduction of hollow watches, Cartier this year to create a unique and irregular shape of the movement: 9618 MC-type movement, from the opening of the "mechanical legend" (Mechanical Legends) prelude. This series to achieve a double request, the case and movement into one.

London in 1967, when the "swinging London" (Swinging London) wave of the golden age, can be imagined, born in this year's Crash watch, naturally carrying the free age of agitation and eclectic. Cartier has always been a master of the shape of the watch, so unique watch only from the hand of Cartier. When full of enthusiasm and emotional diffuse modeling watchmaking master, through the laughter slapstick and popular art to subvert the traditional dogma, and such rebellious thoughts encounter, the collision is the crystallization of the Crash watch.

Features 1: Cartier distortion design is no longer limited to the case, but extends to the whole movement
As a master sculpture sculpture, Cartier strictly follow the following tabulation forming concept: the limitations of both restrictions and guidance, are the source of inspiration. The overall movement after careful consideration from the design. Completely hollow dial is exaggerated distorted Roman numerals time to occupy, transparent design to make the movement at a glance; and support movement, it is these digital time scale. Bold and innovative design, to promote the process of sublimation, to create exceptional achievements. As one of the most representative of the complex functions, hollow movement design is no doubt that this watch officially among the advanced watch series. Through the bottom of the transparent case can enjoy the 9618 MC-type manual winding movement of the delicate movement.

Features 2: the whole movement and the dial into one
9618 MC-type movement is not just the traditional movement design to match the size of the case, but not the case. This movement of the design, from the beginning to the hollow movement based on the watchmaker after careful and meticulous ideas, whether it is the overall layout or aesthetic design, have reached the impeccable exquisite effect, which achievements a beautiful Exquisite works. This movement with its unique design and hollow splint, to create a variety of rich surface. In this Crash hollow watch, all the details of the surface decoration are in line with the requirements of advanced watchmaking: steel parts of the frosted grinding, and chamfering with the side polished Roman numerals. For the Crash hollow watch case to create a fine movement, highlight the Cartier as a master of art no status yet. Bold subversion and relentless pursuit of the pioneer spirit of freedom, expanding the high-level tabulation of the creative territory, so that it can sublimate.
Crash Hollow Watch, Cartier 9618 MC Movement
Case: 950 platinum case, size 28.15 x 45.32 mm
Water depth of 30 meters
Cartier 9618 MC workshop refined manual winding mechanical movement, Roman numerals hollow table bridge marked hours and minutes.
Power reserve for 3 days
Number and the limited sale of 67 pieces
Platinum, reference price: NT $ 2,540,000
Platinum diamond models, reference price: NT $ 4,610,000

Rotonde de Cartier Astrotourbillon Skeleton
Cartier celestial body running tourbillon hollow watch

CARTIER hollow complex watch the ultimate time art; CARTIER; Cartier; Rotonde de Cartier; Tourbillon; three asked; calendar; double Tourbillon

2010, Rotonde de Cartier Astrotourbillon celestial runaway flywheel watch the advent of the concept of the traditional Tourbillon brought a new horizon. Tourbillon for the first time no longer limited to its single technical function, that is, to reduce the impact of gravity to ensure the best timing performance, and become a part of watch aesthetics. In fact, unlike the classic tourbillon, only the celestial tourbillon is unique in its longer frame, which allows the balance wheel to rotate around the dial for a week, while indicating the second, as the operation of the stars general. In 2012, Cartier launched a series of innovative research projects around the Cartier ID One concept watch and the Cartier ID Two concept watch to explore new materials that are different in performance in the watchmaking field. Through the study, Cartier decided to use carbon crystal material to build celestial tourbillon, making it the benefit of this technology initiative Cartier first production movement.

Features 1: only three touch points to support the movement
9451 MC-type movement of the main plywood with a fully hollow design, only two Roman numerals as a support. In this unique structure, the table bridge constitutes the whole movement, in which part of the table bridge exposed and support the entire structure.

Features 2: celestial running tourbillon suspension rotation
Light and beautiful structure also derived from the tourbillon frame, its extended shape can indeed increase the range of rotation, reminiscent of the celestial bodies in space traces. In the technology upgrade and bold artistic perspective of the intersection, Rotonde de Cartier Astrotourbillon celestial body running tourbillon hollow watch highlights the brand's ambition - both from the process point of view or from the aesthetic point of view, it is unique and innovative charm, Called Cartier senior watch series of a major breakthrough. It has achieved a double feat - to give sculpture sculpture-like shape, while the celestial-run tourbillon this unique complex function to create a wide operating space.

Rotonde de Cartier Astrotourbillon Skeleton
18K white gold case, diameter 47 mm
Water depth of 30 meters.
Number and limited sale of 100 pieces.
Cartier 9461 MC workshop refined manual winding mechanical movement, equipped with Astrotourbillon celestial body running tourbillon, tourbillon frame rotation every minute a week.
Power reserve for 48 hours
Number and limited sale of 100 pieces
18K white gold, reference price NT $ 6,000,000

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