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8 large-name popular watch

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Herd is most people will have a psychological phenomenon, usually, people will think that most people's views are often right, most people's choice is generally the best, popular point is with the tide. Thus, it caused a variety of so-called explosion phenomenon, this explosion phenomenon is reflected in a variety of industries, all aspects, of course, watch is no exception. And some watches because of various factors more popular, missed as a burst of money, and the explosion is not a good or bad standard of the watch, popular watches are a lot of stunt, Yan invincible, excellent quality, cost-effective and so on. So, today with the old Wei together into the science, oh no, is to appreciate the 8 relatively popular strength to send watches!

▼ Midday MIDO Great Wall Series M017.631.11.037.00 Mechanical male watch
The United States have a certain understanding of the table friends all know that the United States and the United States home product design inspiration is derived from the building. And talking about architecture, especially the ancient buildings, we China's Ming Dynasty Great Wall, but the construction sector leader, known as one of the world's seven ancient miracle. And the United States launched the Great Wall series, it is to pay tribute to the Great Wall.
8 big popular models, absolutely no worse than the burst!
It is said that the United States when the designer on the Great Wall, touched the Millennium monuments, very shocked, inspiration arises spontaneously, only today's atmosphere of the watch series. 42MM large dial, very narrow bezel design, provides a large area of the disk, and then decorated with a thick and solid bar scale and the three-pin, the dial gives the feeling of the Great Wall as a general atmosphere. And careful table friends will find after comparison, the shape of the strip is from the sky overlooking the Great Wall looks like. Movement is equipped with ETA2836, this is the ETA after 2834 after the redesign of a bilingual double calendar movement, excellent quality, improved by the United States after the adjustment is through the Observatory certification, combined with 100M waterproof level , Comprehensive performance without mention.

▼ Aibo EPOS Sportive sports series 3406. mechanical male watch
Emotional series and original series is one of the most well-known series of love Po, and relatively speaking, the sports series is not so favored, but the old Wei think this pilot chronograph must Amway to you, not only the classic Pilots elements, masculine tough tough shape, there is a very reasonable price.
Today we do not speak its appearance, but talk about its core. It is equipped with the most famous timing movement Valjoux 7750, the movement is the world's first computer-assisted development of the watch movement, and then the computer is extremely rare equipment. Is based on Valjoux 7733 development, and 7733 prototype is Venus188 movement. Valjoux in the year when the two drivers chronograph movement and the Japanese quartz watch squeeze, in order to keep the market and the development of this classic movement. The cam is replaced by a cam device, and its coupling system is different from the traditional, by means of a rocking gear, which is more robust and precisely because of its durability, uniqueness and precision It will be hot after the advent of.

▼ Breitling Breitling Super Ocean Series A17312D2-A775-230S Mechanical Men's Watch
As we all know, diving tables are generally larger head, dial size is still 40MM or more, which makes a lot of wrist watch friends or favorite sports style female friends are very upset, but it, small size version of the diving table is not completely No, for example, today's old Wei to recommend this Breitling neutral diving table, its size is very comfortable 36MM.

All white color in the diving table which is also very rare, 36MM size with Breitling ergonomic design case curve, making this watch can be almost perfect all the wrist fit. The watch is equipped with a high-quality movement based on the ETA2824's improved adjustment and certified by the Observatory: Breitling's 17-type automatic movement, with no less than 40 hours. Waterproof level is 200M, comprehensive performance outstanding.

▼ Amy Armand Nicolet Contemporary Classic Series M02 9742B-AG-P974MR2 Mechanical Men's Watch
Aimeida contemporary series of watch style fusion of the Gothic architectural design, disk decoration rich, full of details, decorated with rare twisted lines, and the central area and small dial are engraved with delicate delicate texture of the rose. For those who love the complex disk table friends, is really big welfare.

Watch with multi-functional, practical high, in addition to the conventional three-pin, with a red triangle of the first four indicators, is to indicate the date of the outer calendar needle. The disk placed on the disc and the bottom of the month plate and the bottom right of the week disk, full-featured. Dial also has a luminous function, see the time scale behind sinking similar to the small pieces of it? That is the night scale, the design is very interesting.

▼ Aero Aerowatch Renaissance Renaissance series 51974 NO03 mechanical male watch
This year's Basel Watch Fair Aloe's heavy black technology watch: Renaissance series 7 time zone watch. Disk on the ring placed six small dial, very cool! According to the domestic watch senior KOL Pan Arrow said that this is the only world he can see with a movement to transform the seven time zone watches.
8 big popular models, absolutely no worse than the burst!
This excellent and advanced movement structure is based on the classic pocket watch movement ETA6497 movement transformation, by the love of the watch architect Bolzli jeanseb design. In the timing, through the table to turn the center of the needle, the other time zone of the needle will follow the change, and if just in a business trip, hold the watch 10 o'clock above the button while rotating the table to adjust the time, other time zone will not change. In the appearance of grinding, hollow gear design, spiral Geneva ripple movement plywood, and so are extremely elegant.

▼ Omega Omega hippocampus series mechanical male watch
Hippocampus series Aqua Terra 150M series watch can be said that one of the classic representative of Omega, modeling tough and strong quality. Disk with a signature teak concept vertical lines, and with a radiation pattern effect. Dark blue color is echoed with the ocean.
8 big popular models, absolutely no worse than the burst!
The watch is equipped with the Omega 8500 to Zhen coaxial movement, in addition to the iconic coaxial escapement system, the movement also uses si14 silicon material gossamer, it is the crystal does not belong to the metal, steel is more light than the solid, And anti-magnetic and highly resistant to corrosion. Thanks to the new materials and Omega excellent watchmaking technology, the movement can withstand more than 15000 Gaussian strong magnetic field. In addition, the table also through the Observatory certification and has a 150M waterproof level, the performance is quite good.

▼ Norman NORMANA royal sports series 40132 mechanical male watch
Nomena watches the design of their own characteristics, high degree of identification. Case design inspired by the European royal architecture of the radius of aesthetics, this design is somewhat similar to the pillow case, but not entirely, very unique. After careful polished, the metal luster thoroughly, very beautiful.
8 big popular models, absolutely no worse than the burst!
Because it is chronograph, so the layout of the disk is a bit rich, in addition to the typical three-design, there are two designs are very interesting, one is a triangular scale, looks like a very dial of the teeth, there is a unique T-shaped week calendar window display. Watch the movement with the above we introduced the classic chronograph movement 7750 is the same, here is not to say, in the appearance of grinding, the promise of decorated with exquisite fish scales texture, the use of blue steel screw solid machine.

▼ Hao Long HAUTLENCE unique concept series HL 2.2 mechanical male watch
Hao Long when HAUTLENCE very young, is the top watch brand in a wonderful work. The brand was founded in Switzerland Neuchâ € Neuchâtel, and the brand name is rearranged by the letter of Neuchâtel, to pay tribute to the Swiss watch industry cradle. Hao Lang when the unprecedented way to read and highly mechanical self-produced movement known.
Watch is equipped with Hao Lang proud of the self-research automatic mechanical movement HL 2.0, due to the complex structure, which lasted four years was developed, the movement is very mechanical beauty, sense of time and space, giving a sub-era Product feel. And the movement has three patents: ① chain hour display, 12 chain represents 12 hours, every 60 minutes forward push a section, and not a jump is not slow to promote an hour, but in the last few seconds Orderly advance. ② activity board bridge movement integrated speed control device, which constantly change the location, the perfect make up for the impact of gravity on the accuracy of travel time. ③ unique double barrel, the main barrel by the automatic Tuo on the chain, as the overall movement and the second barrel to provide kinetic energy. While the second barrel is focused on the complex function to provide kinetic energy to ensure that the complex system alone to obtain power, without affecting the travel time accuracy.

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