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Something of Watches

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Why use more than 3 thousand Tissot mechanical table just fine, why do we recommend more than 10,000 yuan watch it? There is a hot topic: a little expensive but it is worth buying the goods which, which are recommended watches are more than 10,000 yuan, or 2K to 5K, why, thousands of pieces of the table is not bad where?

In fact, this problem can be extended to the price difference between the different table where the watch is now generally not a commodity, but a luxury. The price of luxury goods is composed of two parts, one is the value of the goods themselves, one is the value of the brand. Since it is already a luxury, the brand value is certainly greater than the value of the watch itself.

Luxury watches have a very image of the law, called 'a sub-price goods a lot of money two goods' watch the value of the value of the tax itself through the profits of the agent brand profits to maintain the cost of public relations to enlarge, will have a leverage effect The Simply say that the increase in selling price is greater than the rate of increase in costs. Each watch movement above a little change, you can watch the price to produce more substantial changes.

Expensive price of the watch than the relatively cheap watch work better, the movement is more stable, more durable, more accurate, more beautiful mechanical sense of the title of the problem of three thousand dollars and more than 10,000 yuan watch, the difference where is it? In fact, the price difference between the watch a few thousand dollars, the real difference will not be very large, because the price of the majority of the composition of the tax agent profits brand profit margins maintenance, a small part of the money will be used for the watch itself. But if the price difference of tens of thousands, then the gap is more obvious, that is, add up to this reason.

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