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What are the characteristics of watches that are worth collecting?

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Does the watch have any collection value? If you really love the watch and do not want to lose some of their own, it needs a very high selection of watches wisdom, the vast majority of watches as long as the non-shareholder series is almost there is the phenomenon of buy and tear; and if you remember the following , Watch the value of the collection or have, after all, poor play car, rich play table also have to play.

1. Remember, must be a small stroke; if not special watches, the use of good discount to buy, so do not change their hands when the passive, even one or two million top watch super complex technology, you buy after the original price It is very difficult to sell this price.

2. Choose the brand; choose the brand is very important, which brand market circulation rate to buy which brand, Rolex, Patek Philippe is now absolutely hard currency, shot high success rate, but also the darling of the major auction, you look at Hong Kong, Macao Second-hand shop outside the shop window placed the most brand is that it wants to. Reminded, the high hand is not equal to the appreciation, but compared to other brands just shot it. But in terms of hedging ability, Rolex in the table altar is absolutely a file of the existence.

3. Choose the movement; please refer to the first, starting the higher the price you appreciate the smaller space. And ultra-complex function movement watch the price of the general very very, so I do not recommend you spend millions to buy a tourbillon or three asked the table at home; antique table is a good collection, Historical value, but the design is certainly gas, how to do? Do not buy antique table, but you can buy modern models of antique movement table ah. In the 1980s, the battalion was not knocked out due to poor quality, and the impact of the quartz revolution gave some of the very good brands in that era lost confidence, but the quality was absolutely good.

4. Choose a small amount of small pieces of the world; to rare is the most basic collection of the principle, there are cost-effective limit as much as possible to choose a limited amount; if the limited on the basis of a special significance that is wonderful, but also There is a theme table, the theme table is often due to its special background and has a high collection value. Of course, not limited to the table is not that all useless value, Rolex production of at least one hundred thousand a year, but also do not like to push the limit of the brand, the classic watch is still hot by the market.

5. Non-precious metal material watch is not the value of the fallacy; a table that the value of the table with the collection must be precious metal watches, which is very dangerous to say, first of all, in 1967, the Rolex 1665 steel table was shot 38 Million dollars; 2011 onlyWatch auction Patek Philippe Ref.3939 steel table to 1.4 million euros turnover; big year before the Patek Philippe 5004T titanium alloy table was shot 3.355 million Swiss francs, but the 5004 Platinum Edition is also less than the district of 300 Nothing else.

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