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Vacheron Constantin's famous history

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Vacheron Constantin, the world famous watch brand. (Switzerland) Vacheron Constantin was established in 1755, the world's oldest watch factory, is also one of the world's most famous watch factory. Vacheron Constantin passed the traditional Swiss watch essence, not interrupted, but also innovative many tabulation technology, the watch industry has a great contribution.
As we all know, the old work of the watch, each one is a person or a few people hand polished, after several months or even years to complete the watch, but this law in 1839, was broken. In 1839, Vacheron Constantin developed a revolutionary watch production. By Mr.Leschot invented the improved lever escapement, two years after the success of research and development success. From the watch factory began to have the basis of industrialization, Vacheron Constantin into the parts with mechanical pre-formed, and hand to be carved, and watchmakers are more abundant time to use art talent engaged in the creation, of course, Vacheron Constantin also lived in the watch industry's advanced status.

After 243 years of time panning, has been to focus on humanistic spirit and historical heritage and famous. Now, Vacheron Constantin seems to be "time" synonyms, but also love the eyes of the eyes of the irreplaceable wrist art. Maltese cross "for the Vacheron Constantin mark, was originally used to adjust the clockwork watch the spring of the precision gear, only with its symbol of superior skills and manual watchmaking. Vacheron Constantin passed the Swiss traditional watch essence, never interrupted, But also innovative many tabulation technology, the watch industry has a great contribution.

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