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Tourbillon story

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In the nineteenth century with pocket watch as the common timing tool, due to the long time being placed vertically, its internal timing core - speed control mechanism will be affected by the gravity of the earth, resulting in position error, a direct impact on pocket watch travel time accuracy. French watchmaker Abraham Louis Breguet has broken the traditional timing principle and created a Tourbillon, a rotating escapement, designed to place the original fixed speed mechanism Within the frame that can be rotated, the positional errors of the different orientations are self-canceling, making the pocket watch with the tourbillon device more accurate.

 1801 years when the patent application in the application attached to the tourbillon device map

       The word "Tourbillon" has a "whirlpool" meaning, from the French mathematician Descartes used to describe the planets around the sun revolution terms, and well-known philosopher, encyclopedia author D'Alembert (d'Alembert) is further It is interpreted as heavy objects around a single axis of the meaning of operation, so the translation of "Tourbillon" is a combination of transliteration and free translation of the product.

 Modern Breguet Tourbillon Front View and Section View

structure type

According to the different structure of the tourbillon, it is divided into six categories: the classic Tourbillon, flying tourbillon, Caruso, planetary tourbillon, double tourbillon and multi-axis tourbillon.
1. The technical characteristics of the classic Tourbillon - with a tourbillon support bracket, formed a support structure of the upper and lower support, belonging to the most conventional tourbillon structure;
2. Fly the technical characteristics of the tourbillon - to cancel the tourbillon support bracket, making the tourbillon can be completely revealed, and better appreciate the beauty of rotation. Under the support will generally use the ball bearing control;
3. Caruso's technical characteristics - the special form of the tourbillon, the design of ideas and the tourbillon is connected to the speed control system can be set in the rotation of the bracket, the purpose is to minimize the gravity caused by the location error The
4. The technical characteristics of the planetary tourbillon - the tourbillon overall frame is placed on the rotating turntable, through the gear wheel gear ratio, by the tourbillon control dial to every 1 hour or every 12 hours of rotation a week of rotation, In the wheel race or wheel.
5. The technical characteristics of the double tourbillon - the two tourbillers connected through the differential wheel train together, the origin of the energy by the differential wheel line evenly distributed to the two Tourbillon, while the two Tourbillon rotation speed from the poor The average time after the wheel train controls the time display system.
6. The technical characteristics of the multi-axis tourbillon - Tourbillon is three-dimensional design, now has a dual-axis or three-axis structure, the purpose is to speed control system trajectory becomes more complex, has reached a more effective Offset the influence of gravity.

The nations shut down the flying tourbillon

       The launch of the Vatican Tourbillon watch in addition to flying tourbillon, accompanied by timing function and reverse jump date, this Tourbillon watch equipped with a new 89900-type self-movement.


Design features

1. Da Vinci Tourbillon reverse chronograph watch with red gold case and gold button, removable ear with 18K red gold folding clasp, dark brown crocodile leather strap can be attached to the wrist.
2. This watch is a diameter of 44 mm, the thickness of 17 mm, silver dial 12 o'clock on the timing function, 6 o'clock for the flight tourbillon, 9 o'clock for the reverse jump calendar function.
3. Through the transparent sapphire table, the wearer can enjoy the new 89900 movement and red gold pendulum Tuo.

Movement design features

1. Movement model 89900, vibration frequency of 28,800 times per hour, 42 gemstone bearings, 68 hours power reserve, with automatic winding function. Using a set of four adjustable screws without card balance wheel spring system.
2. Frame design belongs to this section Tourbillon highlights - the traditional coaxial Tourbillon (Tourbillon wheel rotation axis and balance wheel rotation axis coincidence) will use three-point support, the use of screw fixed, this section Tuo Flywheel of the top of the plywood is a bright spot with a fixed structure, the original frame support column was canceled, the upper and lower plywood directly dialogue, fixed by screws. This design should be the current design is very popular concept.
3. This Tourbillon equipped with a shut-off mechanism, pull out the crown when the two control rods as the same as the balance of the balance wheel, the balance wheel after the resistance to stop turning. After adjusting the time, push back the crown, the balance wheel is released, the movement normal operation.
4. The silicon material produced by the MEMS technology modeling unique escapement - escapement wheel and escapement fork, one of the main advantages of this technology is that without processing restrictions, to create any shape of the parts, and siliceous The escapement fork and the escapement wheel are treated with diamond-coated silicon. This allows them to obtain a hard surface, with good sliding performance, can reduce the friction and resistance, to enhance the efficiency of the use of power.

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