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Some of the knowledge of the Light energy watch

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Photodynamic watches may have many of us have to understand, because the pricing of civilians, easy to use to attract a lot of people used to wear watches. They are not only environmentally friendly, and even go to the mall to buy a new battery time is saved. Watches have become environmentally friendly and humane part of the development trend. What is the principle of light-powered watches? How much light do they need to keep walking? Let's talk about today.

1. Are these two terms "light kinetic energy" and "solar drive" is one thing?
Yes, both terms mean that the watch draws energy from the light. All the similar watches are relying on the sun or indoor light when walking.
2. What are the benefits of a lighttight watch?
These watches, through exposure to light, continue to charge themselves, so they never need to replace the new battery. This is a lot of trouble for the wearer, not only no longer need to take the table to the maintenance point for the battery, but also eliminates the waste battery may cause environmental pollution.
3. Does the light meter have a battery?
Most have rechargeable batteries. Some have capacitors that function like batteries: store power.
4. Does the light kinetic watch have a quartz movement?
of course. In addition to the quartz crystal vibration of the energy is not the same, it and other traditional quartz watch no difference.
5. What is the working principle of the kinetic energy watch?
Light through the watch crystal and dial into the watch. After that, it will be on the solar panels under the dial. In some watches, the solar cell is a disc, the same size and dial; in other watches, it is slightly smaller rectangle. Illumination will stimulate the free electrons in the battery, resulting in current. After that, it will be stored in the battery or capacitor. From now on, the operation of the watch and the traditional quartz watch is no different, for example, the current will make the watch crystal vibration, vibration will be divided into a pulse of one second, and then be transmitted to the pulse motor and gear, the final watch will show the time The

6. Who is the main manufacturer of light kinetic energy meter?
Several major manufacturers are: Malande Malande's light energy (solar) Bertie poetry series watch, Seiko watches Seiko, his Pulsar brand includes the Pulsar Solar light kinetic series watch, Citizen Citizen's Eco-Drive luminaires As well as the German Junghans, which owns Solar 1, SolarTEC and Phoenix Solar.
7. How much light will be required to ensure that the light can watch the normal time to go?
A light kinetic energy watch in the ordinary light (sunshine or indoor light), you can infinite travel. The energy stored during the day will be used for it at night.
8. How do i know the energy of the light meter?
Now, in the market of light kinetic energy meter has a low energy indicator, the watch needs to charge, it can remind the wearer. When the energy is exhausted, the watch seconds will be two seconds for the interval and beating. According to the different table, when the amount of energy left in the watch between 1 day to 5, the energy low indicator will start.
9. How long does it take for a piece of light energy meter to be fully released?
Need to put it in the light 3 to 3.5 hours to fill. If it is indoor light, then spend time is much longer, for some watches, it may even reach 175 hours. If only one day of energy, then only a few minutes of light (some watches even as long as 1 minute). Some watches have quick opening function, so only a few seconds of light, the watch can be re-travel time. For example, Pulsar watches, the second hand in two or three seconds after the light will begin to travel.
10. How long will it take if the photometric watch is placed in the dark?
According to the different table, if full of electricity, it can travel 40 days to 6 months range.
11. Why are many photometric watches made of titanium?
There is no technical reason. Because the watch marketers believe that this recyclable, anti-allergic and light weight metal, it is suitable for them to convey the image of the optical energy watch - high-tech efficiency and environmental protection.
12. does it have additional functionality?
Manufacturers are beginning to introduce multifunctional watches. For example, Citizen has added chronographs to its Eco-Drive series of optoelectronics. Some brands will add solar watches to their ultra-precision radio series.
13. Is the kinetic energy meter new?
Not new Although the watch company to re-show its interest, but some companies as early as the 1970s to peddle their basic models.
The solar cells on the dial will convert any form of light energy into electrical energy to drive the watch. Often exposed to light, the light can watch for their own sustained charge. The photoelectric meter's rechargeable lithium battery can store enough power to drive the watch to travel for 6 months (even in the dark).

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