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Vacheron Constantin watch features

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Features one: enough luxury
Vacheron Constantin Carlisle
In 1886, the world's most expensive watch - Vacheron Constantin Carlyn (Kallista) began production. Formerly King of the King of Saudi Arabia (Kingalid) ordered, Kriste (Kallista), table with a diamond-studded strap, with 118 carefully selected top grade blue and white diamond, weighing 130 karats. Vacheron Constantin factory for the manufacture of this table, recruited the best technicians, after 20 months to make. "Kallista" in the Greek is the perfect meaning, and its finished product is indeed perfect to.
Features two: artistic
Métiersd'Art series folding
To commemorate its cooperation with the Paris State Opera, Vacheron Constantin launched 15 extraordinary unique Métiers d'Art watch works. This series of watch dial pattern inspired by Marc Chagall (Marc Chagall) creation of the opera house on the dome of the eternal immortal decorative murals. Métiers d'Art Chagall & L'Opéra de Paris series is mainly used high-temperature enamel enamel process, which is the oldest and most extraordinary one of the traditional high-level watch production process. The high temperature enamel enamel used in the Geneva watchmaking process is extremely high, between 800 ° C and 900 ° C, and therefore offers unparalleled purity and durability.
The first watch was unveiled at the Garnier Opera House to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Paris Opera and the Ballet Association. This watch uses a long history of high temperature enamel enamel process, the real reproduction of Chagall created the whole dome murals. Gold case with 31.50 mm diameter dial, will be a real 200 square meters of masterpieces concentrated in the limited dial space, really amazing, this dial is also retained in the heritage series.
Features three: collection of sex
2010 Maki painted watch series
Zodiac series
This series symbolizes the spirit of human adventure, is to explore the unknown "distant" process. And this layer of symbolic meaning also indicates that Vacheron Constantin and Yukang cooperation of innovation, indicates that watch production and traditional decorative arts blend of infinite possibilities.
Loyal to the spirit of the Métiers d'Art masters series, "symbolique des laques maki" watch series will be launched within three years, different themes of the watch, each year launched a set of three new watch, limited to 20 sets The Each watch has a different theme, including the capture from the huge and far-reaching Far East traditional art treasures. Each design idea comes from animals, plants or minerals; they themselves contain a certain meaning, or with other blending: the gods or historical heroes with animal, animal and plant combination, plant and fictional or abstract characteristics of the combination and many more. These designs originate from literary material, poetry, or legends.
Since its inception in 1755, Vacheron Constantin in the exquisite decorative technology has been dominate the pursuit of the process of perseverance. It is this passion that makes this Geneva-based watch manufacturers show their core values, including the pursuit of excellence in technology, as well as an open attitude, unconditional support around the world of local and foreign artistic expression The

Vacheron Constantin for the Métiers d'Art series of artists to add a different member of the "Chinese zodiac legend" to twelve years as a cycle, a year, a total of twelve extraordinary time. The first is the launch of the "snake watch", "snake" on behalf of the cycle of time, temptation and elegance.

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