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Vacheron Constantin Tourbillon watch

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Vacheron Constantin has always been adhering to the ultimate watchmaking standards - the perfect blend of different art forms, brings together master craftsmen of all fields, respecting the tradition and constant innovation, with an exquisite, precious, precise and touching watch masterpiece, engraved the gift of time . Recently, Vacheron Constantin launched Malte series of fine jewelry tourbillon, a symbol of the arts, watchmaking and creative gift of the perfect fit between the magic of watchmaking and jewelry mosaic ingeniously integrated into one mystery.
This outstanding watch is the perfect compliment to the traditional watchmaking technique (Metiers d'Art) by Vacheron Constantin. Using hand-made invisible inlay technology, the watch features a total of 418 rectangular cut diamonds (a total weight of about 19.6 karats), reflecting the time sparkling glory.
At present, there are a handful of jewelry inlay masters who are familiar with invisible diamond inlaying technology in the world. Gold base completely hidden under the diamond, all the diamonds orbital support, forming a light field, but can not see the setting set traces, which can shine dazzling to the extreme. The Vacheron Constantin Malte watch, not only because of its curved contour, but also angular, clear lines, diamond mosaic technology presents a huge challenge. So Vacheron Constantin chose to invisible diamond drilling technology applied to this watch, as another showcase of the ultimate process. To overcome the problem of diamond inlaid, designers, jewelers, watchmakers and jewelers must work closely together to demonstrate their outstanding skills under the common philosophy of exceeding self.
Jewelery cutting technologists need to cut each individual diamond, and accurate to microns, to ensure that jewelry inlay division seamlessly diamonds will be the perfect mosaic of its pre-designed location. In order to achieve this absolute precision, goldsmiths need to spend more than 100 hours in order to create such a perfect diamond inlay composition.
Because the gold case is completely hidden beneath the diamond, the entire watch is like a sculpture made of diamond: whether it be a lug, a bezel, a case center, a dial, a clasp, a crown, or Vacheron Constantin's iconic Maltese cross, every detail is shining bright light.
The Malte Finest Jewelry Tourbillon also passed the stringent requirements of the new standard "Geneva Seal." Founded in 1886 by the Swiss Federal Government and the large legislative assembly in Geneva, the "Seal of Geneva" is a guarantee of origin, quality craftsmanship, endurance and expertise in watches and clocks. This unique quality certification has just undergone a major improvement at the end of 2011. Its certification is no longer limited to the movement, but to the overall watch certification. This reform marks the "Seal of Geneva" that has long been valued by Vacheron Constantin and will be more in line with the harsh needs of its customers.

Vacheron Constantin superb craftsmanship perfect model: 2795 movement
High-quality watches must be equipped with the same high-quality movement, this watch is equipped with 2795 manual winding mechanical movement, composed of 169 parts, power reserve of about two days.
This brand new barrel movement developed and manufactured by Vacheron Constantin is immaculately matched with the case. Tourbillon frame design inspired by the brand's Maltese cross logo, the perfect demonstration of the ultimate movement of the various components of the decorative process, including a large number of pure hand-cut corner.
Tourbillon cross-bridge processing processes are often highly technical challenge, subject to more than 12 hours of manual processing in order to achieve Vacheron Constantin rigorous grinding standards. Repair procedure consists of two programs, first cross-bridge left and right parts were filmed into a cone or semi-cylindrical, and carefully divided into the center and the bottom part. Finally, artisans grind them repeatedly with tools such as grindstone, asbestos, wooden sanders, and polishing pastes to create the perfect finish.
This remarkable 2795 movement is accented with Geneva ripples, hand-chamfered at the edges of the tourbillon bridge, and each movement is engraved with a separate number.

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