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Vacheron Constantin heritage series, three Vacheron Constantin male series offer

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All along, Heritage Series is Vacheron Constantin's most famous series, but also the most favorite series of collectors. Because it combines the unique essence Vacheron Constantin 250 years carefully nurtured, excellent traditions and craftsmanship, at the same time a symbol of perfect, elegant temperament, and this is Vacheron Constantin brand recognition is the essence of meaning. The series with its unique rounded case and timeless classic design, completely inherited the most pure tradition of Haute Horlogerie.

Vacheron Constantin - Inheritance Series 30030 / 000P-8200 men's mechanical watch
The company is located in:
Million table price: ¥ 5793000
Market price: ¥ 6815000
Save: ¥ 1022000
The company is located in:
For many people, it is not an exaggeration to say that this watch is a high price watch with a market value of over 6.8 million. Expensive watches, of course, its expensive reasons, the watch is made of top-grade precious metal 950 platinum, strap with crocodile leather strap. Of course, just the higher configuration of this material is certainly not yet such a price. Watch also has one of the three complex functions of the three asked function, the three complex functions in the number three asked the most complicated, but also the highest price of a function. We can also see from the figure above the watch using full hollow processing, this processing is complex and take a lot of energy. Under the hollow movement is very fine grinding, domestic brands in this polished class to have more care. Of course, the watch brand value can not be ignored, so there is such a price. This is not only a watch, but also an art.
The company is located in:

Vacheron Constantin - Heritage Series 43150 / 000P-9684 Men's mechanical watch
The company is located in:
Million table price: ¥ 443700
Market price: ¥ 522000
Save: ¥ 78300
The company is located in:
Vacheron Constantin's classic elegance, choice of Vacheron Constantin reason and Patek Philippe, the same low-key, the same simplicity, the same obsession. The watch dial is made of 950 platinum, sandblasted decoration, cast in the middle between 4 o'clock and 5 o'clock [PT950] words, minutely polished minute scale outer ring, 18K platinum hour scale. Large hand-crafted nails crocodile leather strap pattern with artificial 950 platinum thread made. Equipped with Vacheron Constantin Cal.1120 self-winding movement, the thickness of only 2.45 mm, 42 mm case diameter, simple and clean design of the disc surface with a larger diameter and not full feeling, on the contrary it makes the overall kind of noble and elegant The unique temperament, can be described as essential business gentleman style.
The company is located in:

Vacheron Constantin - Heritage Series 80172 / 000P-9589 Men's mechanical watch
The company is located in:
Million table price: ¥ 5926000
Market price: ¥ 6972000
Save: ¥ 1046000
The company is located in:
The most beautiful part of Vacheron Constantin's heritage is the significance conveyed by this series. The best way to measure whether a brand is valuable is to be able to give you the motivation to extend the substance itself to younger generations. Vacheron Constantin can be described as the most valuable collection of many luxury brands watch this manual mechanical movement, model Cal.2755, with date display, week display, month display, calendar display, calendar, tourbillon and three asked function 0.44 Millimeter meter diameter and precision used. 850 platinum case without any precious metal can compete with it. The curvature of the lug allows you to feel the wrist unprecedented comfort.

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