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How To Buy A Watch That Suits You

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Watches have evolved from initial reading tools to very important personal accessories. Nowadays, people buy watches not only for reading time, but also for expressing their experiences, tastes, preferences, and even financial resources by means of watches. People buy watches for a variety of purposes, eventually hoping it will do what they expected, but can you be sure that this is the best watch for you at the moment of paying? Watch art hope from the following aspects, to plan to buy watches netizens some suggestions.

Select the brand

As the saying goes, unhurried forage first. Before choosing a watch, you must be sure about the approximate budget, and then select the right-looking watch for your budget.

Watch as a value added much higher than the value of goods, the price decisive factor is the brand, similar to the function and material of the watch, depending on the brand, the price may be different. It is precisely because the brand is so important, first determine the brand is very necessary, at least first framed brand choice.

For most domestic consumers, watch brand the most important two points is the grade and visibility, but the two are not necessarily related, both SWATCH so popular brand of popular, there are such as GreubelForsey this Hidden in the boudoir's top niche brand.

If the purchase of watches just to meet their own reading and decoration needs, when making the choice only need within the budget, choose your favorite brand.

If you want to buy a watch for social purposes, the choice of watch brand must consider their own social circle watch brand awareness, buy a cheap but very low profile brand, the results do not know friends, Presumably is a very depressing thing; if you belong in the circle of watch authoritative leader in the circle, then another matter.

Pick style

Watch as an accessory, style is also very important choice basis.

Watch style itself is not good or bad, only suitable and unsuitable, the selection of watches is actually the most suitable selection of their own style. In addition to having the eye, the overall style of the watch to match the background factor, that is to first clear the main wear of this table occasions, even if you like the rough tough military form, with it to suit suits There will always be a sense of violation.

In addition to the overall style, there are some small places are also worth noting; if the wearer is the elderly, the clarity of reading is very important, the greater the color difference between the dial color and the pointer scale the better; ordinary watch is not very careful careful people, Best not to choose ultra-thin mechanical watch, because the ultra-thin watch is relatively more expensive.

As long as you can take into account the overall appearance and use of the factors, to pick a suitable watch is not a difficult thing.

Look at the details

Master Mies van der Rohe once said that "the devil is in the details." A good watch, even with the Logo removed, has its exquisite details of its work. Exquisite craft competition stage, even in a very high degree of industrial automation today, those small movement parts still need to watch the manual one by one polished. Parts of the degree of grinding can explain the grade of a watch, only when the brand positioning sufficient When supporting a sufficiently high price, sleek, elegant chamfers will appear on the movement's parts.

From the appearance of the watch can also see the details of the pros and cons, the case of the surface treatment is the most common body polishing or whole body matte; sometimes in order to obtain better visual effects, different parts of the case will use a different surface Handling the craft, though doing so would increase the difficulty and cost, but it is this uncompromising detail that gives a watch a higher value.

Play the movement

Watch movement comparable to the car's engine, with the understanding of the watch in-depth, people's focus will gradually shift from appearance to movement.

Compared to many brands such as ETA movement universal assembly movement, developed by the brand alone, design, manufacture of self-produced movement to better reflect the true strength of the brand. Many in the use of ETA movement in the high-end brands, but also in the flagship series or high-priced models carry their own movement. The importance of self-produced movement and value is evident.

There are many criteria to evaluate the merits of a movement. Generally recognized by the Observatory or in line with the Geneva 12 rules, with the Geneva Seal, are excellent movement logo. These movements travel time precision, polished decorative exquisite, not only practical but also has the aesthetic value. Of course, with the mark and certified movement naturally outstanding, but not that there is no mark is not a good movement. Like Lange's movement, version of the road unique, luxurious decoration, sought after by friends; Rolex's movement though unpretentious, but the movement is extremely "strong" precision and solid, although hidden under the cover, it is hard to hide its super Strong power. In addition, if the watch with a through-the-bottom, you can get a glimpse of the movement version of the road, you can carefully observe the movement of the screw, if the screw particle polishing, chamfering, whether it is unified core or self-produced, can know its excellent quality. For example, Patek Philippe CH29 chronograph movement, version of the road beautiful, screw plywood polished place in place, and the chronograph institutions a number of optimization, superior performance, can be described as an example of excellent movement.

More accurate

Watch as a reading tool, accuracy is also an important consideration.

On the accuracy of travel time, the quartz watch since the birth of the victory over the mechanical watch, after all, tuning the best mechanical watch per day there will be a few seconds of error, and the monthly error of the quartz watch may only only a few seconds . Those who require high precision, can consider buying quartz watch.

If you choose a mechanical watch, there must be prepared to accept the error, the Swiss Observatory standards also require only daily error of -4 / + 6 seconds. The same price and accuracy are not necessarily related to the price of several hundred thousand dollars in the watch may not be better than the price of tens of thousands of dollars in the watch. As long as the error is within the individual's acceptable range, do not over-tangle the problem of accuracy.

If it is unbearable, you can also send the watch back to the brand designated repair center to adjust, of course, the greater the error correction is not the case did not happen.

TIPS: sales will not tell you a few things

Production, low cost ETA movement is widely used in watches, many brands in the compilation of product information, and will not directly indicate that the watch is using the ETA movement, but with the brand's own machine The core model replaces the corresponding ETA movement model. If you are more concerned about the movement of self-produced readers, be sure to do their homework before buying, in many professional watch websites and forums can find relevant information.

Many middle and low brands have launched a gold-plated case watch, gold-plated watch resembles the appearance of the watch and the price close to the steel watch as a selling point, but the purchase of gold-plated watches should do a good job one or two years after the case fade psychological preparation Mottled case may make you regret the original decision.

A watch once used some new technology, it will be used as a good selling point to consumers. On the surface, this seems like a win-win situation, consumers get better performance products, the brand sold the watch a better price. However, judging from the current actual situation, the watch industry is obviously far less prudent about treating new technologies than the pharmaceuticals or the automobile industry. It is not uncommon for consumers to pay for the mice. As an ordinary consumer, do not rush to embrace new technologies that have not yet endured the test of time and market.

Watch as a precision instrument, in the long-term use of the process will inevitably encounter maintenance problems, even without failure, the mechanical watch every few years for cleaning and maintenance is necessary. The cost of watch repair and maintenance, basically with the brand positioning was positively related to the purchase of high-end watches also means that the future costly follow-up costs.

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