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Men's casual watches highlight the fashion taste of men's casual chronograph

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Chronograph function in the watch industry which is particularly common, the general sports watch will carry this practical features, and even some casual watches will bring such features. Timing function is really close to the public, so Xiaobian today is introduced to highlight the fashion taste of men's casual chronograph.
Highlighting the fashion taste of men's leisure chronograph: Heberlin men's leisure chronograph
Watch features: black grid grain dial, full of fun; a unique three-time design for the watch more vitality, simple pointer with the pace of time dancing. Case selection Featured traditional and charm, stainless steel case, crown and clasp, applause for the sport. Equipped with Swiss original quartz movement, time accurate, and at the same time with the date display, chronograph, luminous, 100 meters waterproof; lined with black high-quality leather strap, reveals a young and stylish temperament.

Men's leisure chronograph highlight fashion taste: Switzerland Diosi men's leisure chronograph
Watch features: VALJOUX 7753 movement with stability and penetration is very high, shock absorber system with INCABLOC and 27 gems; brown dial dial design of the three time and date at 4 o'clock position is your A beautiful landscape between the wrist, the appearance of the table did not seem complicated because of increased functionality, but a reasonable use of the dial space, coupled with the brown leather strap demonstrated by a calm atmosphere. As a men's mechanical chronograph, it can demonstrate the masculine maturity and masculinity, whether it is work or life it will be your best partner for leisure life.

Highlighting the fashion taste of men's leisure chronograph: Switzerland Aibo men's leisure chronograph
Watch features: the appearance of a distinctive, white blue needle with a young fashion temperament, blue pointer with Roman numerals, brown strap, stainless steel case, sapphire crystal glass, 41 mm table diameter, the overall description of the movement, Avant-garde, stylish, elegant casual men's style. And the smooth lines of the case design, shiny metallic luster, all for its beautiful appearance plus a lot of add color.

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