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How do you think of the watches

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At the beginning of the invention of clocks and for a long period of time as a "mechanical timing instrument", its main purpose is not for ordinary people to see the time of day-to-day, but for scientific research. For example, astronomy calendar, navigation positioning, physics experiments. Since it is scientific research, the main purpose of the watchmakers from generation to generation is how to make the clock more accurate, so that the experimental results can be more accurate.

From the discovery of the clock until the end of the quartz crisis, watch makers compete mainly on precise timing. This has the Hong Kong Observatory certification, observatory competitions, tourbillon, ruby bearing ........ The precise timing of the clock depends on the frequency, the higher the frequency, the more accurate when the clock go. The frequency of mechanical watches are generally in the 21600 to 18000, due to the limitations of the balance wheel hairspring, the frequency can only be controlled in high 5 digits.

The watch quartz watch seiko frequency is 6 digits, or even 7 digits, it is obvious that the mechanical watch is absolutely impossible than the quartz watch accurate. After the introduction of quartz watch, with overwhelming precision timing advantages directly to the Swiss mechanical watch hit. Swiss mechanical watchmaking suddenly plunged into a downturn. Later, the Swiss painful experience, before they learn to translate. Converting mechanical watches from scientific instruments to everyday watches and into modern "luxury watches." Modern watch is not the function of timing, but the Swiss watchmaking culture. Brand history. Service.

The charm of a thing, size, depends on whether people can be perceived, recognized. The latter is influenced by the mainstream values of society and is an enchanted process.

Mechanical watch is no exception, in addition to design and technology to meet some aesthetic needs, it is more associated with wealth, status, etc., to meet the public show off, vanity, curiosity psychological needs.

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