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Presbyopia glasses how to master these three is very important

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First, glasses must be checked before
Older people with glasses must be ophthalmologist examination, rule out senile eye diseases, such as cataract, glaucoma. There are a variety of retinal diseases, such as age-related retinopathy, hypertension or retinal hemorrhage caused by diabetes, these elderly eye diseases will affect vision, and only effective treatment of the disease, and stable conditions to optometry.

Second, glasses must be refraction first
The elderly must first optometry glasses, and must be accurate optometry. Because with age, the refractive system of the eye there will be changes, such as increased density, decreased transparency, changes in rate of refraction, the refractive status of the eyes and young are not the same, so you must re-accurate optometry, optometry results in order to match For your reading glasses.

Third, auditions should pay attention to comfort
Elderly in the glasses with a good try to try for a while. It is also worth noting that the audition time is a little longer, wearing reading glasses for a period of time, if you feel glasses are not suitable, you can optometry to observe changes in short-term vision, and re-select the appropriate reading glasses. Pay attention to the balance of both eyes, otherwise it will aggravate eye strain and speed up the presbyopia.

Finally, presbyopia can not just buy a mirror. Reading glasses vary from person to person, if the degree is not allowed, not only can not solve presbyopia, but will lead to visual fatigue, prolonged wear can cause eye disease, but also easily lead to dizziness, memory loss and so on.

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