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Japanese watch feel how? From Seiko, Citizen, and then full of personality Casio, followed by Xiaobian look, maybe met your favorite watch yet.


SEIKO is a famous Japanese watch manufacturer with the world's top mechanical technology. It is also Japan's first manufacturer of finished watches. The watches are novel, stylish and classic, all with a luxurious feel.

Grand Seiko STGF099

There are many series of SEIKO watches, while the Grand Seiko watches always represent the top SEIKO (Seiko) watchmaking. Since its inception in 1960, the Grand Seiko has always insisted on its distinctive style of elegance and elegance, pursuing the highest standards of watch functionality such as high precision, legibility and durability.

Astron SBXB096

SEIKO's Astron series is the world's first GPS satellite positioning solar watch, a simple one-click operation to receive the GPS satellite to send the location and precise local time, once a day, when the dial to see the sun, the pointer within 5 seconds Start automatically, and transferred to the current accurate time.

Lukia SSVM024

Lukia series is designed for intelligent, positive, personality-oriented women to create a dedicated watch series, by 20 to 39-year-old woman's favorite. Men's watch prices will be cheaper, but mechanical workmanship is also very fine. This is a limited edition, is expected to sell 1,500 models, like to quickly get started.

Citizen Citizen

Citizen is a world-renowned watch brand, watch dial design are very beautiful, and the color of the watch will affect the absorption of light. A variety of top mechanical functions to join, truly "the fusion of technology and beauty," which is why Citizen so popular reason.

AR5014-04E / AR5000-50E

Both are Eco-Drive RING series of single product, based on photodynamic energy technology presented extraordinary beauty, amazing, the original technology can be so touching! Different angles can be found in different visual perception, not only a watch, it is an art. Both are scheduled for sale in October and November.

EG2042-50A / EG2042-55A

Citizen Kii series ladies table is relatively small and cute. There are bracelet watch models, there are leather models, the surface is very small, wear a girl in the hands of a slender beauty, and each series of colors are very diverse, I believe the girls can not refuse its temptation.

EG7000-01A / EW5496-52W

Citizen's Kinetic Energy Ladies Watch can last up to 10 years of continuous long-lasting, as long as the light can operate the "photodynamic energy watch", without regular battery replacement, is the use of green energy watches. From years of error, radio waves, ultra-thin to multi-function watches, have adopted a unique technology Citizen photodynamic movement. This series of watches is very unique, on the left in September that section of the world limited to 1000 models!


Casio is one of Japan's three well-known watch brands, known for many years with truly versatile G-SHOCK watches. Represented by the vitality, young, stylish, multi-functional brand image has become popular. Therefore, Casio is the representative of fashion, but also a symbol of the pursuit of life.


G-SHOCK is Casio's flagship series, truly multi-functional, practical. This is the 2016 BASEL G-SHOCK main section. New quadruple sensor (pressure, depth, orientation, temperature). Men loyal to outdoor sports must not be less of this series of tables.


This watch is truly cool, inspired by the blue light of the Earth's surface atmosphere in the universe, the sapphire glass bezel using evaporation technology, the blue on the right half for day and the black on the left for night. Global GPS school system +6 Board waves, often fly around the business people.


BABY-G is Casio's watch designed specifically for women, there are classic shockproof models, as well as adding some creative theme of the special design models, of course, designed specifically for business women's style. And these two are new in August this year, new products, generous style, cute, suitable for twenty or thirty women to wear.

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