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Top eight popular watches

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Congregational psychology is a psychological phenomenon that most people will have. Usually, people will think that most people's opinions are usually correct. Most people's choices are generally the best, and the popular point is to follow the tide. Thus, resulting in a variety of so-called explosion phenomenon, this burst phenomenon is reflected in a variety of industries, all aspects, of course, watches are no exception. Some watches because of various factors are more popular, missed a burst, and burst models are not good or bad watches, popular models are a lot of great skills, the value of invincible, excellent quality, cost-effective and so on. Well, today along with the old Wei went into science, oh, is to appreciate the relatively unpopular 8 models to send watch!

▼ Mido MIDO Great Wall Series M017.631.11.037.00 Mechanical Men's Watch
Price: ¥ 8112.00
Table friends who have some knowledge of Mido know that Mido's products are inspired by architecture. Speaking of architecture, especially the ancient architecture, China's Ming Dynasty Great Wall but the leader in the construction industry, known as one of the seven wonders of the Middle Ages. The Great Wall launched the Mido series, it is tribute to the Great Wall.

It is said that the Mido designers boarded the Great Wall of the year, touched the Millennium Monument, very shocking, inspired spontaneously, only today's atmospheric watch series. 42MM large size dial, very narrow bezel design, provides a large area of the disk, then decorated with generous solid bar scale and third year, the whole dial gives the impression of the Great Wall as the general atmosphere. The thin table friends will find after comparing the shape of the strip is looking down from the sky looks like the Great Wall. The movement is equipped with the ETA2836, this is the ETA following the 2834 after the re-design of a bilingual dual calendar movement, excellent quality, the Mido adjustment is improved by the Hong Kong Observatory certification, with 100M waterproof level , The overall performance goes without saying.

▼ Aibo when EPOS Sportive sports series 3406. mechanical men's watch
Price: ¥ 14,350.00
Emotional series and original series is one of the most familiar series of Aibo, while relatively speaking, sports series are not so favored, but Lao Wei think this aviator chronograph must Amway to you, not only the classic Pilot elements, full of masculine tough shape, there is a very reasonable price.

Today we do not talk about its appearance, but about its core. It carries the Valjoux 7750, the most famous chronograph movement, one of the first watch movements in the world with the aid of a computer, an extremely rare device of the year. Is based on the Valjoux 7733 development, while the 7733 prototype is Venus188 movement. Valjoux in the same year, two competitors' chronograph movement and the Japanese quartz watch squeeze, in order to keep the market and developed this classic movement. The movement uses a cam device instead of the traditional guidepost device, and its connecting shaft system is different from the traditional, through the swing gear shaft, this design is more robust, but precisely because of its durability, unique and precise, making It is very hot when it comes out.

▼ Breitling Super Sea Series A17312D2-A775-230S mechanical men's watch
Price: ¥ 19,099.00
As we all know, dive watches are generally larger, the dial size is always 40MM above, which makes a lot of wrist thin watch friends or sports-style female watch friends very distressed, but then, the small version of the diving watch is not complete No, for example, today's old Wei to recommend this Breitling neutral diving watch, its size is very comfortable 36MM.

All-white color is also very rare in the diving watch, 36MM size with Breitling ergonomically designed case curve, making this watch can fit almost perfectly fit all the wrist. The watch is equipped with a high-quality movement based on the ETA 2824's improved calibration and the Hong Kong Observatory certification: Breitling 17 automatic movement, moving storage for not less than 40 hours. Water level is 200M, excellent overall performance.

▼ Armanda Armand Nicolet contemporary classic series M02 9742B-AG-P974MR2 mechanical men's watch
Million table price: ¥ 27,600.00
The contemporary styling of the Ameida collection incorporates Gothic architectural design, with rich decorative details and full details, with rare guilloche patterns and elaborate delicate rose textures in the center and in the small dial. It's a big blessing for table friends who love complicated dishes.

Versatile watch, practicality is quite high, in addition to the conventional three-pin, with a red triangle fourth pointer is the date of the outer ring calendar pin. Disk placed on the moon phase plate and the lower left of the month disk and the week of the bottom right of the week, full-featured. The dial also has the luminous function, see the time scale behind the little piece of the same Wai chess it? That is the luminous scale point, the design is very interesting.

▼ Ai Luo Aerowatch Renaissance Renaissance Series 51974 NO03 mechanical men's watch
Price: ¥ 30,000.00
This year's Basel Watch Show Luo's heavy black technology watches: Renaissance series 7 time zone watch. Placed on the dial ring 6 small dial, very cool! According to the senior watchmaker KOL Pan Jian, the watchmaker in the country, this is the only watch in the world he has ever seen that can transform seven time zones with a single movement.
This remarkable and advanced movement is based on the movement of the classic pocket watch movement ETA6497, designed by Mr. Bolzli jeanseb, a watchmaker from Aero. In adjusting the time, by rotating the central table needle through the table, the other time zone will follow the movement of the watch, and if you just in the travel state, hold down the watch at the top of the button while turning the crown to adjust the time, the other time zones will not change. In the appearance of polished, hollow gear design, spiral Geneva ripple movement plywood and so on are very elegant.

▼ Omega Omega Seamaster Series Mechanical Men's Watch
Price: ¥ 34,944.00
Hippocampus Series Aqua Terra 150M series watch can be said that one of Omega's classic masterpiece, modeling tough and solid quality. The tray features the iconic Teak concept of vertical stripes, and with a radial pattern effect. Dark blue color is echoes with the ocean.

The watch is equipped with Omega 8500 to Zhen coaxial movement, in addition to the iconic coaxial escapement, the movement also uses a si14 silicon material hairspring, which is not a metal crystal, more light and solid than steel, And anti-magnetic and highly corrosion-resistant. Benefit from the new materials and Omega excellent watchmaking technology, the movement can withstand higher than 15000 gauss strong magnetic field. In addition, the watch also passed the Hong Kong Observatory certification and have 150M waterproof level, performance is quite good.

▼ Normenna NORMANA Royal campaign 40132 mechanical men's watch
Price: ¥ 19,968.00
Normena watches design very own character, high degree of recognition. The design of the case is inspired by the aesthetics of the European royal architecture. This design is somewhat similar to a pincushion case, but not completely and very unique. After carefully polished, the metal luster thorough, very beautiful.

Because it is a chronograph, so the layout of the disk looks a bit rich, in addition to the typical three-eye design, there are two designs is very interesting, one is the triangle scale, looks like the teeth of the dial, there is a unique T-Day calendar window display. Watch carrying the movement with the above we introduced the classic chronograph movement 7750 is the same, not to mention here, in appearance polished, Normen decorated with exquisite fish scale texture, the use of blue steel screws machine.

▼ HA LONGLIGHT HAUTLENCE Unique Idea Series HL 2.2 Mechanical Men's Watch
Price: ¥ 1,813,000.00
Haute HAUTLENCE is very young, is the top watch brand in a wonderful work. The brand was founded in Neuchâtel, Neuchâtel, Switzerland, and the brand name was repositioned by the letters of Neuchâtel in honor of the cradle of the Swiss watchmaking industry. When you're glamorous, you are familiar with the unprecedented way of reading and the very own mechanistic movement of mechanical aesthetics.

The watch is equipped with self-proclaimed automatic mechanical movement HL 2.0, which is proud of the luxury. Due to its complex structure, which took four years to develop, the movement is very mechanical, time-space feeling, giving people a kind of times Product experience. And the movement has three patents: ① chain hour display, 12 chain represents 12 hours, every 60 minutes to move forward a section, and is not an instantaneous jump is not slow to promote an hour, but in the last few seconds Clock orderly advance. Â '¢ mobile plate bridge movement integrated speed control device, it constantly changing position, the perfect make up for the impact of gravity on the accuracy of travel time. ③ unique double barrel, the main barrel by the automatic Tuo chain, the movement as a whole and the second barrel to provide kinetic energy. The second barrel, on the other hand, focuses on providing kinetic energy for complex functions, ensuring that the complex system alone gains power without compromising travel accuracy.

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