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Wrong watch purchase

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Wrong watch one: do not over-believe the picture
The picture is the most visually striking thing, but a good watch may not be taken out of good-looking; and a not very good watch out and very textured, giving a high-level, sophisticated feeling. That is not to say that you can not see the chart selection? I want double eleven to buy a table is online shopping, what should I do? It does not matter, if you have not seen the watch in kind, choose to buy when the seller must be reputable transactions, but also a perfect return and after-sales support platform.

Wrong watch purchase two: not only focus on precision

Many people in modern society with a watch are not just really looking at the time, especially those who buy mechanical watches. If you want time is accurate, no error, then quartz watch or watch mobile phone. Now buy the table is more important for their own taste and temperament, in line with their living standards and work environment, if you are in and out of high office and business occasions, wearing a total DW, Casio is not suitable.

Wrong choice of watch purchase three: Do not be puzzled watch face value

Some watches, look very special appearance, beautiful, but may be heavy to wear, may be uncomfortable knock. Old Wei just enter the time, a friend fancy a watch, that like the design appearance, how to say to buy. Later, the old Wei helped him consult the company's experienced colleagues, know the movement of this watch is not good, feel very heavy to wear, many people bought a few times after wearing it has been placed at home, and this persuaded he.
So when you can buy a table to ask more friends or professionals, do not be puzzled by the watch's high value appearance. Ask anyone who is experienced or wearing this watch and they can give you great help and useful advice.

Misunderstanding watch four: Do not blindly follow the trend

If you buy because of a table is "net red table", this does not mean worth buying. Many people should be seen in the circle of friends in the sale of many DW DW, DW recently really considered a net burst of red, the subway, bus, the CBD shopping district, then you seriously can definitely find it Figure, how many fashion men and women are popular. But many people do not know a piece of more than a thousand pieces of DW, the cost can have a hundred to fast money is not bad. There are always popular things at any time, and new things keep popping up.
If you want you to wear a few years of watch, it is best to choose a quality brand. Buy a hot red watch over the air too fast, it is likely that you have been infected with this boom to buy not necessarily for their own watch. However, if you say that I just like the Internet red burst models rotten Street, I feel that way keep up with the trend, then buy it, anyway, you happy like.

Wrong watch purchase five: non-big-name do not buy?

If you buy the table really used, then some niche watch also combines the quality, color value, precision of these conditions. For example, some small German watch is better than the Swiss watch is poor, the most important sentence is for their own is the best.

Wrong watch purchase six: Buy table hedge and investment?
At this time last year, a piece of P & P Ref. 1518 steel was auctioned worth 75.78 million yuan. In October this year, there was also a piece of Daytona. Paul Newman of Paul Newman's final commission was as high as $ 17.43 million, or about $ 157.22 million , While breaking a lot of world records. So hurry to buy a table investment? Then buy several Rolex waiting for developed?
But the reality is this. A watch will not be able to preserve or even appreciate merely because it is a "big name." If you buy the table you want to use as an investment, this view old Wei has said several times, not necessarily to buy a watch.
Even if your hands are Rolex, "hard currency in the underworld" is not the best investment method and means of preservation. If you buy the table just to invest, you should have a realistic attitude toward the return. Some tables will appreciate quickly, but most will not have significant fluctuations, unless you're lucky and accidentally bought the table above.

Wrong watch purchase seven: Do not ignore the return guarantee and after sales
Before you buy a watch, you should try to ask the seller for a reasonable return guarantee. Returns guarantee on the table to get a problem, or delivery error is a favorable solution. If justified, the seller should be happy to refund.
There are after-sales is very important, you do not want to buy your watch a few days after the failure of no one to control it. If the watch has a fault, but non-human destructive factors, this time regular security platform will give you the best after-sales service, and actively help you solve the problem. So when buying a table the best choice after-sales service network covering the country's sellers!

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