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SEA-GULL Mechanical watches how? From the strong brand strength
SEA-GULL watches - China's first mechanical watch was born, China's largest mechanical watch and movement production base, with 59 years of development history and technology precipitation, has a long history of Chinese culture, access to the " Chinese famous brand "," China Famous Brand "and" China old name "award.

After 60 years of hard work, automatic mechanical watch movement has reached 5 million annual output, "Seagull" has grown into China's automatic mechanical watches and movement manufacturing industry, the largest production scale, the most complete product category, the best quality of integrated products , The largest export volume in the same industry leader in the leading enterprises.

SEA-GULL Mechanical watches how? From the excellence of watch quality point of view
Since its founding in 1955 and the first watch in China, SEA-GULL has always devoted itself to presenting the most exquisite watchmaking and the most outstanding extraordinary works. As a leading brand in China's watchmaking industry, SEA-GULL watches insist on sharpening its own technology genes. After successively breaking through the world's top three watchmaking technologies "Tourbillon", "Three Questions" and "Perpetual Calendar", SEA-GULL Truly become among the highest technology watchmaking industry world-class brand, so its quality in the watch industry in our country is, of course, one of the best.

SEA-GULL's confession is "I have a Chinese heart" from the Chinese national brand more than 50 years ago to the luxury brand that aspires to become a watch manufacturer in China and the world. Seagull has the world's advanced production equipment and testing equipment more than two thousand units, of which advanced equipment about 30% of the total equipment.

SEA-GULL Mechanical watches classic style Appreciation
Recommended one: Seagull multi-functional 819.381 stainless steel automatic mechanical watch

This watch subverts the traditional mechanical layout of the mechanical layout of the layout design: the mechanical watch chronograph heart - balance spring system from the movement side (back) to the dial surface, the so-called "big nude pendulum." The stepped surface design highlights the dynamic beauty of the balance spring system. At the same time, this section "big nude pendulum" table continues to inherit the solemn and elegant SEA-GULL style.

Recommended two: SEA-GULLSea-gull-Business Sports Series 816.362 mechanical men's watch

Reference price: ¥ 1,380seagull-1963-img_0094.jpg

Center hours, minutes, seconds hand instructions; seconds; high frequency automatic calendar movement, go good stability. As the understanding of the "golden mean" is not indisputable, no fear of the same, the restless heart from the slightly wild stainless steel strap beads can match with one or two, breaking the elegant combination of scale and pointer presents The handsome surface, suitable for "Neixiu", "Mensao" or even enjoy the gentle personality of double gentleman.

Recommended three: SEA-GULLSea-gull-Business Sports Series 816.356H mechanical men's watch043.JPG

High frequency movement, good stability. The pure color of modern technology to promote the appearance of this watch is full of "dynamic", mysterious and full of tension, with table needles, scales and other bright and clear at the brightest, more intense means of youth, cool image to wear from wearing Block table start it.

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