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German Junkers watch brand introduction

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Junkers was the name of a manufacturer of German aircraft in the early twentieth century. From the 1920s to the 1930s, almost all of the major civil aviation companies in the world had civil aircraft from JUNKERS. Founder Hugo Junkers was born as a pilot and is the inventor of the dual-piston engine Junkers Motor. JUNKERS in 1915 for the first time using the corrugated sheet metal body, so some JUNKERS watches face plate, you can see the design of the corrugated iron. Although the heyday of Junkers has passed machines, but now in Germany can still see the then civil aircraft JU52 is still used for sightseeing flights, we can see the quality of German industrial production, used in watch design, the meaning and quality of the flight are attractive.

Hugo Junkers, Germany's greatest aviation pioneer, founded the "JUNKERS" brand in 1915 to characterize the staunch German spirit in simple lines, echoing the classic German craftsmanship and dedication to the mascot of Hugo Junkers.

The well-known JUNKERS watch in Germany immediately became the most watched watch in the global market. At present, more than 20 countries in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Portugal, the United States and Japan have received the great repercussions of mechanical watch fans.

Before the First World War, the middle of the nineteenth century, Germany's watchmaking technology and Switzerland, when the German town of Glashütte has a clock school, was regarded as the cradle of talent in German watches.

World War I broke out, resulting in a massive outflow of German watchmakers, followed by the second World War once again defeat, the East German communist camp system made the German watch limited production for sale, no excess quotas sold to other countries.

However, the German watchmaking technology and Switzerland, on the same, no matter the production of polished parts grinding, assembly methods are not quite the same but each has excellent features, the German people require the perfect advocating pragmatic, functional and technical attention to the spirit, is the most consistent with the tabulation Industry needs of the nationality.

For the buyers, quality and technology and keep pace with the Swiss watch Internationally recognized German watch, in the past few years, the apparent formation of another function or process under similar conditions, the price is generally higher than the same level of Swiss watch prices Low on the two into three into, so it is a good value for money game player quality choice.

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