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Classic Vintage Series The Longines Heritage 1973 Watches

History Back in the 1970s, the design of this Longines Watches Classic Vintage Series The Longines Heritage 1973, presented to you, is based on a wristwatch created by the Longines Watches in 1973.

Combining history, tradition and precision, this new Longines collection features the exclusive Longines Watches column wheel chronograph movement. The shape of the case, sharp dial layout, styling both chic and harmonious pleasing, but also for the seventies elegant style into the modern flavor to meet today's taste


Longines Watches Classic Vintage Series The Longines Heritage 1973 watches form can instantly capture the attention of others. Around the dial is an elegant pillow-shaped case, a thorough retro design, completely loyal to the original models. The original model is Longines Watches produced in 1973, a flying hourglass-marked chronograph. This watch was equipped with Longines Watches mechanical chronograph movement: 30CH. Longines Watches Classic Vintage Series The Longines Heritage 1973 watch following the footprints of its predecessors, also equipped with advanced movement: L688 column wheel chronograph movement by the ETA exclusive Longines Watches.

Featuring a dial in black or silver, the Longines Heritage 1973 Vintage watches have succeeded in highlighting the contrasting effect of color. At three o'clock and nine o'clock each has a timing plate: silver dial with black dial watch section; black dial watch is equipped with silver timing plate. Decal hour scale with black thread and Super-LumiNova® luminescent dots. Minutes circle also decorated with black thin lines, and hour scale to form a well-proportioned layout effect. The dial has a blue speed measurement scale, add a touch of subtle colors for the watch.


Longines Watches Classic Vintage Series The Longines Heritage 1973 watch diameter of 40 mm, the pillow-shaped stainless steel dial fully retained the original style and style of the line. Table back configuration transparent sapphire crystal case back, so that wearers can appreciate the operation of the movement and the blue column wheel. Case symmetrical shape with circular button set off, even more harmonic pleasing, and with a black crocodile leather strap.

Longines Watches, a watchmaker from 1832 in Switzerland, maintains the heritage, elegance and functionality of watchmaking. Longines Watches has long been a timer manufacturer for all types of sports world championships and has long-standing relationships with various international sports associations. Longines Watches is a member of the Swatch Group, a world leader in timing products. Longines Watches is a trademark of the world-famous brand with its flying hour glass. Longines Watches is well-known for creating sophisticated timepieces and operates in more than 130 countries around the world.

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