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Casio watch knowledge & how to view Casio watch models

Casio watches powerful and functional, many young people are very much in love with a watch brand. In the development of many years, Casio has introduced a variety of series of a variety of models of watch products, consumers want to recognize them really very difficult. So how to view the Casio watch model then the watch house for everyone to explain, if you are a fan of Casio watch it do not miss it.

First, how to understand its function from the model:

WW -Wide Temperature Water Resist Waterproof at all temperatures
GS personally think it should be translated as GIEZ series
GW -G-SHOCK WaveCeptor Solar wave, but when used in the frog man just refers to solar energy
GL-G-Lide Extreme Sports Series
BGR, BG-Baby-G Reef, coral reef transparent series
MSG-G-Miss series, business women's watch
OCW-Oceanus Waveceptor Poseidon radio series
LOV - couple on the table
prg - mountaineering series
prw - Mountaineering series, with radio function
paw - US version of the radio wave mountaineering watch, some of the old models in China can not open the radio time zone function
Again is the model, pure digital coding
DW word head
MTG-Metal Twisted rubber metal interwoven design
MRG -Majestic Reality This is a bit hard to translate, it seems to be the 'top rendering' meaning
GMN-G-SHOCK Mini, mini series
BG-Baby-G series
DW-Digital Water Resist digital waterproof
AW -Analog Water Resist pointer is waterproof
EF-Edge heavy metal series, all-metal pointer or dual-display EFX - plus Sapphire, coated Edifice Expensive
EQW -Edifice (Quartz?) Waveceptor heavy metal wave models
SHN -Sheen brilliant shiny (full polished) female form

Second, how to learn from the model style:

8200,8201,8250,8251,9900,9901,6300 - frogman (ISO waterproof 200M, asymmetric shape)
8400 old mud people (anti-mud dust)
8600 Fisherman (tidal phase)
8800 Code Name
9100 trapeze (height gauge)
9300,9350 Raysman (solar energy)
9800 Wademan (electronic compass)
AW series
570,571 Gaussman (magnetic pointer)
G series
9000 Clay (anti-dust)
9100 Bay people (moon phase tide)
9200 trapeze (temperature measurement pressure height)
GW series
200,205,202,225, 2xx frogman (ISO waterproof 200M, asymmetric shape, the new increase solar function)
9000 Clay (anti-dust)
9200 trapeze (temperature measurement pressure height)
In addition the two numbers 5600 and 6900 forever reserved for the classic two

Third, how to understand the material from the model:

A, B, C, D stainless steel
E, H, T -titanium titanium
L -leather leather strap
GM-Gold Frogman Model Golden frog man
HL -Hawaiian Lifeguards Hawaii lifeguard
HD -Hawaiian Pro Designs Hawaiian surfer style design
NISMO -Nissan Motor Sport, Nissan car race
RE-Red Eye, red-eye (referring to the red letter LCD)
RF -Rain Forest Rainforest
RJ -Rastafarian Jamaican leader style
SA -Street Artist Street artist
TC -Triple Crown of Surfing Triple Crown Cup surfing competition
WC-World Cup Cup, but in the frogman on behalf of the WCCS-World Coral-Reef Conservation Society Coral Reef Conservation Association
K, AK - Whale dolphin meeting
PP-puppy, Baby-G's kitten puppy series

       Casio watch number really is very complicated, but I believe that through the above description to find the corresponding model is not very difficult. After you master Casio watch model identification method, if you find a problem with the watch, you can find the solution for the first time, and watch maintenance can also be of some help.

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