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Correct the wrong operation! Mechanical watch the most basic operating knowledge!

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At present, most consumers lack the basic knowledge of watches, and even how to watch the clock, adjust the calendar, time and other basic issues are not clear; today, let me tell you how to correctly watch the clock and adjust the calendar, time Wait. First of all, you have to figure out what type of watch is, the current watch is divided into two categories, namely quartz watch and mechanical watch; quartz watch is to rely on the battery as a watch when the energy source, which includes the electronic watch (LCD digital display Time), ordinary quartz watch (usually 2 or more to the dial scale display time), radio (through the battery to the battery energy storage), lightwave (through the light wave to the battery energy storage), etc .; mechanical watch is to rely on mechanical motion to give Clockwork supply of energy, and then winding energy storage, watch pointer through the clockwork energy to go, according to the movement can be divided into manual winding and automatic winding two

First, how to correctly watch the winding quartz watch rely on the battery to go, so there is no issue of winding. Mechanical watch, winding the watch by rotating the crown 3 o'clock clockwise. Usually more than 30 hours of storage watch, after the purchase of winding 25-30 laps can be saturated; manual mechanical watch winding spring will feel more and more tight, until completely tightened (be careful not to cause excessive force to the clockwork Or the crown screwed down); and automatic mechanical watch due to the skidding device, until the release of energy until saturated



(Its role is to prevent the automatic Tuo continued to rise, resulting in the winding is too saturated and damaged), so the automatic mechanical watch does not exist in the absolute state of the clockwork, usually around the new table can be 25. Many consumers tell us after their watch is worn for 1 day, "The error in your watch is very big, a few minutes a day!"

Most consumers first reaction is the movement out of the question, in fact, such a big error, often not a movement problem, but not the correct mechanical watch winding sake, most consumers think that the automatic mechanical watch This is a very erroneous understanding without the clockwork. First of all when you receive the watch, it has been in the express package for 2-3 days, and the watch's clockwork is basically close to 0, this time you wear a watch, just rely on automatic Tuo Add a winding watch to you, automatic Tuo non-stop supplement, but the watch is non-stop consumption, then the watch winding is always in a relaxed state, this time the error is also normal!

For example, your watch at this time the energy storage can last 20 hours, and you match every day 8-10 hours to watch 20 hours of travel time to add energy, then your watch will inevitably empty after 5 days, This time your watch will naturally larger error or stop. So when you receive the watch, the first thing is to put the clock on the first good, if you wear too little time a day or less exercise, then you have to put the clock full in a few days; the other if the watch Placed more than 15 hours, once again worn, but also full winding. Only such a mechanical watch will keep you the best time to go!

Matters needing attention 1: 1. Automatic mechanical watch through the automatic Tuo swing to a steady stream of energy, if you wear less than 8-10 hours or less your arm activity, then automatically Tuo Tuo energy will be Not enough, when the watch with a period of time after you find that you are not allowed to go, so you can regularly watch the watch manually add some spring. 2. When the watch appears to go wrong when the larger or stop the state, most of the time is due to lack of winding, but not all the movement problem. 3. Ordinary dial can be directly pulled out, and screw-in dial (screw-in dial refers to the thread inside the watch, like a screwdriver cap, screw clockwise locked, counterclockwise rotation Out; screw-in style is generally used in waterproof watch higher) need to unscrew the counterclockwise before they can pull out, and remember to use the finished watch must be locked to prevent the watch water.


. Note 2: 1) The watch's calendar, day of the week, the moon phase adjustment Do not watch time between 21:00 PM --- 3:00 AM operation, during which the calendar function is in operation, but also lower gear meshing Frequent movements will damage the internal parts of the watch. Adjustment work such as a calendar is required at 12 o'clock (at 12 o'clock in the 24-hour period, when the gear is at the latching position at 24 o'clock and the gear is at the latching position at 24 o'clock, and the gears are separated from each other opened). 2) Calendar calendar grid, due to the format is divided into two different speed, the first ± 5 minutes calendar to complete the calendar, the second calendar within 3 hours to complete the grid. 3) In case of spiral crown watch, do not pull hard, please turn counterclockwise to open the locking crown, adjust the time, the crown clockwise and push into the lock, so as not to Water. 4) In the case of calendar with a watch to adjust the date, please adjust the calendar to the day you need the day before, and then turn the hour hand to adjust the date, when the needle after midnight the date will change, so you can avoid direct adjustment date Cause day and night confusion

Second, the correct adjustment of the watch's time and calendar steps Many friends told me that his watch calendar does not jump or jump at noon, after the understanding that consumers will not properly adjust the watch and calendar caused. 1. First adjust the calendar to the previous day: slowly pull out the first cell of the crown (3 o'clock position), and then counterclockwise (some movement is clockwise) twist the crown, adjust the calendar, adjust the calendar To the previous day (for example, today, on the 16th, you first manually dial the calendar to 15. (Without a calendar watch to skip this step) 2. And then pulled out a grid, rotate to adjust the time, when the calendar by On the day when the day jump, that is, the same day early; and then follow the 24-hour system, rotating the watch will be time aligned with the time can be, for example, at this time for 6:00, half-turn rotation; if it is 18:00, A circle of half .3 remember to adjust the time and calendar, be sure to press the go in, screw-in watch but also remember to lock the watch. In addition the watch calendar shows that there are 31, if not this month 31, then the calendar needs to be manually adjusted.

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