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Rookie classroom: the composition of the watch

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The composition of the watch

  A, movement (domestic or imported)
  B, case (including the table Meng, bottom cover)
  C, strap (metal or leather)
  D, dial (copper, aluminum, paper)
  E, back cover (stainless steel)
  F, hand, table and so on

  (A) Movement
  Movement is the most important part of the watch is the watch's "heart", its quality is good or bad, determines the watch quality is good or bad, choose high-quality movement, for product quality is crucial. Japan's original Citizen automatic mechanical movement, the failure rate of its products is only 5 ‰, the daily error of ± 15 seconds: domestic automatic mechanical movement, the failure rate of its products 7 ‰, the daily error of ± 30 seconds. Citizen quartz movement is currently the most popular watch manufacturers at home and abroad to use the movement, the product failure rate of only 3 ‰, the monthly error of ± 30 seconds. Citizen movement, in many brands of movement, with its touching features and excellent accuracy to win the international and domestic markets alike. Domestic mechanical automatic movement in recent years, its product quality is also rising, the quality is relatively stable.

  (B) case
  At present, the domestic market with multi-shell alloy case, copper shell, steel, tungsten steel shell.
  1, alloy shell: Generally speaking, the processing technology is simple, the production cycle is short, the output is large, the price is low, and the development is relatively rapid in recent years. However, due to its lack of waterproof, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and other aspects, rarely used in large-scale celebrations, generally used in such as beer, beverages and other promotions. Belongs to the middle and low class watches.
  2, copper shell: copper shell with easy processing, beautiful, waterproof performance, surface wear and corrosion resistance and other advantages. Many manufacturers are mostly used. Its moderate price is also its advantage. Belong to high, mid-range watch.
  3, steel shell: In general, the processing is more complex, the output is small, the price is high, its performance is higher than the alloy shell and copper shell, generally used for high-end electronic watches and mechanical or mechanical automatic watches. Belongs to high-end watches.
  4, tungsten steel shell: processing difficult, not easy to wear, and accompanied by sapphire watch Mongolia, Japan movement, tungsten steel strap. This watch is generally high-end electronic watches.

  (C) strap
  Strap selection should generally match with the case, choose what kind of material on the case of what kind of strap on the election. There is a situation that can be excluded, that is, any material case can match the leather strap, the effect is also more ideal.

  (D) dial
  Dial material generally used in copper, aluminum, paper and so on. For a watch, dial design is also very important, in our industry, called the dial as "disk face", as if a person's face as important. The same case, coupled with a different pattern and material dial, you can achieve different results.

  (E) back cover
  Watch the role of the back cover is fixed movement, dust-proof, waterproof and so on. Made of stainless steel. The back of the corrosive words and patterns, it is generally equipped with the case three ways.
  1, press the cover directly with the case close (on time) (less waterproof)
  2, screw cover and back cover both rib and tighten (waterproof)
  3, Rose's case and back cover with Rose fixation, more common in the square case (waterproof)

  (F) Hand and crown
  Table needle is an important part of the show time, the general watch should be hour, minute and second hand three exceptions, except in special cases. For example, ultra-thin watches, usually only the hour and minute hands, the second hand is dispensable according to the movement.
  The crown is an important part of adjusting the hour hand (clock), date (calendar), mostly manual. Generally use more copper plus coating or stainless steel.

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