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Breitling Super Ocean Culture Series, once launched, is a great success, and in 2017 is about to usher in the 60th anniversary of the occasion, but also usher in a new look, designed for the modern explorer born. The new look is the perfect interpretation of this unique collection of styles, purely designed and sporty.

In 1957, Breitling first introduced the super marine professional diving watch will quickly get the early hobby of amateur diving enthusiasts. Since then Breitling launched a series of unparalleled performance diving watch.
 Super Ocean Culture II series watch


In its 60th anniversary as the pioneer of the Deep Sea Campaign, Breitling has breathed new life into this classic watch collection while retaining its unique personality. It is noteworthy that: The new bezel design with stainless steel shockproof high-tech ceramic bezel ring, remove the original metal ring around the minute scale to the existing bezel decorated with a prototype classic brand identity The same color dial perfect fusion.

Super Ocean Culture Series II introduces two models 42 and 46 mm in diameter and a 46 mm diameter chronograph in three colors: black, blue and copper brown, the latter being Optional with the new series of the same color cowhide - rubber strap, using color sewing seam, great sense of design.

Performance, the second generation of super marine culture retains all the heaven and earth, the depth of the expedition of the technical quality. The Super Ocean Culture II 46 Chronograph is equipped with a self-winding chronograph movement certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC).



Sturdy stainless steel case with screw-in crown, waterproof up to 200 meters. One-way ratchet bezel with luminous mark at 12 o'clock, 120-tooth design with excellent precision adjustment and smooth rotation control, allowing you to view dive time or perform a variety of other timing operations (especially in aviation Activities of the use) can easily battle, no doubt a deep interpretation of the spirit of deep-sea exploration.

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