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Japan famous watch brand introduction

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Japan's watchmaking history began in 1860, is also a "watchmaking power." Since its inception, Japanese watches have been fully integrated with modern technology. Compared to the traditional Swiss, German watches, Japanese watches more modern, so very popular with modern young people. What are the Japanese-made watch brands, such a similar problem often asked. In fact, Japan's watch brand really a lot, below the watch house for everyone to introduce several well-known Japanese watch brand it.

       Casio is one of Japan's top three watch brands and has been known for many years with truly versatile G-SHOCK watches. Casio represented by the vitality, young, stylish, multi-functional brand image has become popular. Casio has always been the leading technology in the peer responsibility, over the years will have a technological breakthrough. The high, refined, cutting-edge advanced technology combined with the new LCD technology, the proper use of wrist timepieces, and constantly improve the development of wrist wrist watch - Casio has always been advocated by the "wrist technology" in China Also be followed and spread.

       Seiko is a famous Japanese watch company, founded in 1881, the company formerly known as the service department store, in 1892 renamed the Seiko homes. 1924, published the first official use Seiko brand watches. In 1969, Seiko table launched the world's first pointer quartz watch - SEIKO ASTRON35SQ. In 1995, Seiko homes and Japan's Oriental Watch company co-founded a joint venture plant. Seiko homes or computer printer maker - Epson (Epson) parent company.

Citizen Citizen
       Since its establishment in 1930, Citizen has been adhering to the concept of multiculturalism, relentlessly pursuing excellence, committed to innovation. As one of the world's "citizens", the brand insists that all citizens of the world provide high-grade products and high-level services as their mission and make use of technology to promote the positive development and continuous evolution of the world's culture. We hope that by "being loved by the citizens, For the citizens to be close to "products, for the good life of all mankind to contribute, and will unswervingly meet all the opportunities and challenges in the future.

Orient Double Lion
       The "Twin Lions" logo, part of the Orient brand, was first established in 1950 as an established Japanese watch that entered the Chinese market very early. Early Chinese consumers mostly because Lion logo more easily identified, or failed to read the Orient pronunciation, for which there Shuangshi brand, double lion watch, the East lion watch different nicknames, the lions logo already Deep into the people. The lowest price of the Oriental Table generally in the thousand or so, because of its sophisticated technology and good performance are now mainly exported to Europe and the United States.

Ancient city NAKZEN
      Famous ancient city is founded by Kato Masato, he was born in a declining Japanese aristocratic family, the ancient city has always adhere to the people-oriented watch design concept - the table is the supporting role, the wrist is the protagonist, emphasizing the timing of functionality, emphasis on the watch Relationship with the human body, relying on the extraction of traditional culture. With ethnic unique exquisite, rich inner feelings to implicit and creative expression, and the effective integration of Western watch values, thus forming a rich oriental style of product style. Easy to match the timing product system, for high-quality, low price provides an effective protection, and easy with clothing. This makes famous ancient city watch very popular.

Lisheng RHYTHM
      RHYTHM Japan Co., Ltd. was founded in 1950. After many years of hard work, it has manufactured more than 20 million pieces of clocks and clocks around the world and successfully established the company's leading position in the global watch manufacturing industry. For more than half a century, Nippon Lishen is the world's No. 1 brand in Quartz Clock because it takes the lead in clock chronographs all over the world. High-quality, high-grade, high-quality fashion, leading the trend of the clock, won the love of consumers in various countries. Japan Lai sound to superb technology, accurate travel time, different styles of rotation design and world-famous.

Jerry J.Srings
       Jr. When J.Springs watch dynamic charm set in a style of self-contained, full of fashion power, by Japan, Europe and the United States and Asia consumers welcome "J.Springs" (Jerry) watch is now in the country A grand listing, will set off a new watch.

Issey Miyake, Issey Miyake
       Issey Miyake, the founder of Issey Miyake, set up the Issey Miyake's design studio in Tokyo in 1970 and has since established Isis Miyake, jewelry companies, European companies, and American companies. Issey Miyake's life is a great master of arts, his fashion is very creative, simple, basic, modern in one. Issey Miyake seems to have always been independent of the European and American high fashion, his design ideas can almost compete with the western fashion design industry, is a new design that represents the new direction of the future style.

       Inspired by the details of life, TACS combines simple designs with stylish watches that highlight the lifestyle of home users to create a personal style for the wearer. YOSHIAKI MOTEGI, the founder of TACS, is convinced of the Less is more truth, insisting on the principle of simplicity and design, and integrating the creative inspiration from life details into the design of TACS watch.

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