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2017 Tudor watches

At this year's Baselworld, the Tudor watch features its own chronograph movement and a chronograph with a new movement. The MT5813 is backed by a proud 70-hour power reserve, silicon springs, and the Swiss Center for Testing of Precision Timepieces , Can be described as well-deserved high-performance movement. Now let's take a look at Tudor's new watch introduced at this Baselworld.

Heritage Black Bay

The new Kai-bi-chi chronograph retains the "Snowflake" pointer of this Biwan series of well-known aesthetics. The calendar window is set at 6 o'clock. The 41mm diameter steel case retains the distinctive features of the Bi-Wan series and its button design inspired by the first Tudor chronograph. The round, frosted steel has a fixed outer ring engraved with a tachometer scale to make this new sporty chronograph look perfect. Equipped with Tudor's own timing movement MT5813, solid and reliable, extraordinary excellence.

 Tudor Heritage Black Bay S & G



       The watch is designed to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the birth of the Tudor Diving Watch. It inherits the tradition of craftsmanship and creates new watches in gold. It is named as the golden steel type of gold and steel, which adds a new color to the Kai Cheng Bi-Wan series. This watch follows the Biwan series of lines and proportions, the rotating outer ring and the winding crown is made of gold. The central link of the steel strap also uses this precious metal, giving the watch a more formal dignified look.

 Tudor Heritage Black Bay 41



        Tudor's new Apocalyptic Bibei watch diameter of 41 mm, with a slim middle case and polished steel fixed outer ring, the classic aesthetic characteristics show most vividly. It combines the elegance and sports atmosphere, precise style to grasp the precise essence of Biwan series.

 Tudor Heritage Black Bay Steel



        Tudor Classic Watches Kai Cheng Biwan Di watch new steel table, with matte steel word circle. Tudor Kai Cheng Biwan stainless steel equipped with Tudor watch movement MT5612, the introduction of calendar features Biwan series.

 Clair de Rose



       Delicate and elegant, the classic long-lasting style makes the rose series charming feminine bloom splendor. The latest watch is made of stainless steel, equipped with mechanical movement, with three sizes and six designs to choose from. Re-interpretation of the Rose series stunning debut, uphold the classic elegance and timeless classic spirit, not only make good use of brand names on the history of the aesthetic characteristics, but also retain the soft middle of the case lines and eye-catching on the crown. This watch has a blue dome-shaped spinel on the crown.

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