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TITONI Miss Lovely Watches

TITONI Miss Lovely Watches, dragonfly Pinai, light and slender, dial infinite variety of summer floating wish; willing to Hyun Mei series Dragonfly Edition watch, love to give every one both graceful and charming, but also know the fun of life, the era of women, Create the exclusive wrist of your bright color.
Under the sun, the fluttering dragonflies dazzling, it is fascinating, it is also fantastic figure jump in the Hyun beauty series dragonfly watch above. Mother of Pearl Fritillary dial decorated with green and gold lake dragonfly pattern; dial eight diamonds in your hand gestures Guanghua circulation, magnificent but not publicity, elegant and persistent. The watch is made of fine steel and stainless steel / PVD plated two-color models. The design of the strap is simple and elegant, with delicate butterfly buckles. The sleek case allows extra comfort and comfort, plus the transparent bottom cover so that you can always enjoy To the movement of the beautiful movement and superb watchmaking.
Plum Blossom Clock is located in Grenchen, a watch and clock town under the Swiss Jura, and has been owned by the Shlop family since its founding in 1919. It is one of the few 100-year-old Swiss brands to run independently. Hyun Mei series watches, designed with the concept of "radiating youthful light", have always been favored by young and trendy women. The new and unique new design will surely add endless style to your summer.
The new Swiss plum table Miss Lovely Hyun beauty series Dragonfly version of the beauty of the diamonds played summer melody

(Left to right) models are: Miss Lovely Hyun beauty series 23977 S-589/23977 SY-589
Product Specifications:
Style: Women
Movement: automatic movement
Function: Three hands
Case: stainless steel, stainless steel / PVD plated
Table diameter: 33.5 mm
Glass: Double-arch sapphire glass
Waterproof: 50 meters
Dial: mother of pearl
Time scale: diamond

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