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Doxa watch brand introduction

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Doxa watch is a small niche watch brand from Switzerland, the visibility in the domestic market is not high, many people do not know the watch brand. But as more and more people begin to focus on niche watch brands, the Doxa brand is often raised. Then next, Watch House for everyone to introduce Doxa watches official website, when the watch brand it.

Doxa watches official website brand introduction

       Doxa , in Greek is a glorious meaning. Very simple four letters, form a sonorous and powerful pronunciation of the brand. Founded in 1889 by Georges Ducommun (1868-1936), a watchmaker based in Le Locle, Switzerland, Doxa, dating back to the first years of his life, clings to the contemporary lifestyle and produces timepieces that fit the taste of the times.

       The Doxa, with more than 120 years of history, was founded in 1889 in Le Locle, Switzerland, in the heart of the watch kingdom. Its founder, Georges Ducommun, started the creation of a refined watch with the rigorous attitude and technology of clocks for the manufacture of cars and aircraft dashboards. The eight-day chain movement was born with its precise and stable performance enough to cope with bumpy Long journey.

       The brand was registered as a trademark in 1910, and actively develop new technologies, and has become a supplier of clock dashboard car brand BUGATTI, and in the 60's brand in the Neuchâtel Lake many diving experiments and found orange in the water is The clearest and most legible color. So, in 1967, the world's first orange dial and a diving watch with a vacuum-free crystal were manufactured. Three years later, the brand pioneered the successful launch of the first SUB 600 that expelled helium Diving watches, for the moment in the diving community to lay a decisive position.

       Today, with its never-ending creativity, Doxa creates a series of exceptional watches in a professional watchmaking world that is loved by people all over the world.

Doxa watches official website brand history

       In 1889, Georges Ducommun established a factory in Switzerland for making watches.

       In 1906, the timepiece won the "Comintern Expo" in Milan, Italy and won the gold medal.

       In 1908, the table "Mobile for the Eight Days" was first invented.

       In 1910, registration is a trademark.

       In 1921, the Doxa became BUGATTI's watch supplier.

       In 1944, the Doxa was introduced with a date watch.

       In 1954, gold medals were given as encouragement to players at the German national football association who won the World Cup.

       In 1967, the subdued diving watch of SUB 300T was presented. It is the first only to use decompression crystal glass and orange bezel, to facilitate diving under the water to read. At the same Doxa, also make the Doxa to become the ancestor of diving watches.

       In 1970, Doxa introduced the SUB 600 to control the helium gas generated during the dive.

       In 1973, the Doxa was introduced SUB 250, for the first Doxa put the date window at four o'clock position.

       In 1997, the Doxa became the property of the Jenny family, the family of four generations continue to Ling development. Romeo F. Jenny and successfully led the Doxa into the next century.

       In 2002, the new version of the SUB 300T was introduced.

       In 2004, during a German-Hungary match, the Doxa passed to the DFB (German Football League) 50 "1954-Mythos Bern"

       In 2009, the famous actor Yin Zhongwei was appointed as the spokesman for Asian brands. In the same year, the official website of Asia was grandly launched.

       In 2010, the timetable debut in Shanghai World Expo.

       In 2011, the timepiece introduced the Tofino multi-function chronograph at the Basel watch show in Switzerland.

       In 2012, the timetable organizes the Annual Meeting of Retailers in Asia Pacific to create a new space for Doxa and reach a new milestone.

       In 2013, Chronometer introduced the Tofino TC-Evolution series, a blend of high-tech titanium and carbon fiber.

       In 2014, in order to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the brand's birth, the timepiece has introduced the GrandeMetre Blue Planet GMT, the distinctive GMT time zone and world time zone display, with Blue Sands surface and 18K rose gold, confirming the 125th anniversary of the watchmaking process .

       These are the official website of Doxa watches, watch brand introduction of Doxa, I believe we have a certain degree (Doxa) watches have a certain understanding. Overall, this brand is not bad. Brand is a pure Swiss watch, and has a long history, watchmaking technology is also rising. Positioning in the market are mid-range products, but low visibility and retention. And less domestic stores and counters, purchase and maintenance is relatively difficult, like a friend to be cautious start.

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