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Some niche and elegant watches

If you want to choose a watch, you will choose designer models, or classic mechanical watch models?

Speaking of the role of accessories, have a good texture of the watch will definitely be your overall shape plus points. In the era of fashion watch brush represented by DW, Swiss watch is like a watch world. Do not want to spend more than a thousand dollars to buy a Daniel Wellington are hit the table? So take a look today with the same four simple but nice, but full-quality Swiss mechanical watches, the point is that they are also cheap enough. Have a look here is your heart okay!




Founded in 1868 as Zeno-Watch Basel, Zeno is a Swiss watchmaking company based in the border region of Switzerland, Germany and France. Originally a manufacturer of air force mechanical watches.

ZENO is mainly devoted to the research and development of mechanical time measuring instruments, pilot watches and extra-large watches. Its products are distinctive and innovative, avant-garde and novel. The main series of the Army series, the continuation of the concept of World War II East German military watch, especially by fans of the table called "kettle" of the "Euro-Army", the size of 50mm, is the largest watch dial diameter.

Since participating in the first Swiss Basel Watch Fair in 1949, ZENO has become an annual exhibitor of the Basel Watch Fair. ZENO has also become a high-quality minority Swiss watch with Tissot Tissot, Hamilton Hamilton, MIDO Mido brands at the same level.




Switzerland TANGIN Tian Jun table, located in the European "Watch Valley" Delamont County, is one of the first to enter the Chinese market, one of the Swiss watch brands. TANGIN 天 珺 watch line stores across the country, online and opened the Lynx flagship store and Jingdong flagship store, though still not hype, but has long been the table fans loyal support of the Swiss watch brands.

In 2013, TANGIN introduced a brand new design blood from Switzerland --- Studio Divine, the world's top watch design team, and comprehensively upgraded TANGIN brand. 2015 Swiss Tian Jun table with its excellent height and perfect details of the value of the pursuit and brand philosophy, as the only representative of the International FISU concierge table.

Today, Tian Jun Swiss exquisite watchmaking modern technology, with superb craftsmanship watches and clocks team, ranks among the leaders in the Swiss watch industry. The average price of 2K ~ 4K, be considered a high cost of the Swiss watch.

Maecello C



Marcello C is an emerging watchmaking company founded in 1993 in Würselen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. The quality of our products is outstanding and the technology is exceptional. In 2001, we won Uhr Magazine and Focus Online gold balance awards in Germany.

In terms of materials, the Marcello C uses strict German standards for its workmanship and uses high-quality Swiss ETA, Valjoux, Peseux, Selita or Unitas movements on the watch core, above the economy-class ETA movement used in the general watch industry.

Marcello C Senatore and other existing seven product lines in the watch industry is seen as Germany's "fusion of traditional and innovative spirit," classic style generous classic, suitable for like Hao form, but also emphasize cost-effective start.




Lautle ROTARY, founded in Switzerland in 1895, has been in existence for over 120 years. In 1940, it became the British Army official watch supplier, popular in England during World War II.

Because of this history, as a Swiss brand ROTARY and British relations. Since 2006, ROTARY has been elected as "Super Brand" in Britain many times. In 2014, it won the "Queen of England Award", the British Honor Enterprise Achievement Award.

Laura is currently large-scale development of the Chinese market, both online and offline. Lautle inherited the British watchmaking tradition, has a long history and profound accumulation, with a typical British watch style.

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