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Tissot Le Locle true and false identification

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As we all know, the spirit of Tissot watches brand is simple and classic, and Trico watches series also completely inherited this point, it uses simple and classic watchmaking process, gives the elegant appearance and robust connotation, many young friends are very like him. To this end there are many counterfeit Tissot Lilike watches, but most people do not know how to identify Tissot Le Locle true and false. In order to avoid more people being deceived, the watch home here for everyone to introduce Tissot Le Locle genuine distinction.


Le Locle true and false identification: appearance identification Tissot Le Locle authentic

       Fake watches in order to reduce the cost of anti-reflective coating on the table mirror, so the glare under the serious reflection, just borrow the sun map, you can identify the authenticity. True form because there is anti-reflective coating, no strong reflection in bright light, and purple or blue glare. Counterfeiters in order to save costs, in the production of the back cover are not in accordance with the style of the real table to create, just made of the original capping gland.


Le Locle true and false identification: number, scale identification Tissot Le Locle true and false

       The watch must have its own fixed labeling rules, according to the label can be found in the form of the model specifications, date of production and other information, and the fake table is only one number, or even no number, it is easy to identify. Tissot watches force Locke fake table scale needle with the eyepiece carefully closer look, you can find subtle remnants of the small tweezers left when the installation is printed, the real table will not see the general similar remnants.


Le Locle true and false identification: movement, bracelet identification Tissot Le Locle true and false

       Tissot Locke watch chain fine workmanship, you can clearly see the handicrafts will certainly be fake watches, a little butterfly buckle fake watch strap to do more sophisticated, but in the corner of the event has not yet delicate details without grinding, As long as you carefully point you can find the loopholes. The movement of genuine goods Automatic Tuo Wen Geneva pattern, diverging from the right to the left, the texture is clear and natural, very beautiful.


       TissotLylok is a beautiful series of watches, for many men and women, if the appearance has a very harsh choice, then I believe you will love the TissotLylok watch. Whether men or women wear this watch can directly feel his appearance to bring you the quality and beauty!

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