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The birth of the first domestic watch.

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China's watchmaking industry developed late, with Switzerland, Germany and other established watchmaking countries there is still a big gap. But as a bearing of a generation of people, and a portrait of a domestic old watch until today, there is a high collectible value. Said the old watch made, had to mention China's first watch. I believe many of my friends do not know how it was born. Here let the watch house to introduce it for everyone.

       62 years ago on March 24, that is, March 24, 1955, China's first watch was born in Tianjin. In the early years of the founding of the People's Republic of China, according to the plan of "filling the industrial blank" put forward by Zhou Enlai, then Prime Minister of the People's Republic of China, at the end of 1954, the Light Industry Bureau of Tianjin approved the establishment of a trial production team (the predecessor of the Tianjin Watch Factory); Jiang Zhengyin, Sun Wenjun, Wang Cimin and Zhang Shuwen, The bureau allocated 100 yuan of funds, guarding four shabby instruments in a small house, and after hundreds of days of hard work day and night, finally at 5:45 on March 24, 1955, developed the "China's First Watch" .

       After the trial began they encountered greater difficulties, the watch more than 140 parts thinnest than paper, the thinnest tip, the smallest than the grain is small, and the aperture, the diameter of the shaft error is smaller than Several times, gear meshing depends on the eyesight and manual fine. They got a Swiss-made "Sindacal" fifteen-diamond three-pin watch, one by one, the simple machine can only produce a rough, most of them are hand-pull.

       The watch is simple and generous. There are three gold words of "Chinese system" on the dial and five red stars. The words "Fifteen Diamonds" are marked below and are named "Five Stars". Appraised by the relevant experts, go basically normal.

       This is the first domestic watch trial and production made by the working class in our country, which filled another gap in the industrial construction in new China!

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