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Fashion watch brand introduction

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Watch development today, the original timing function has not so important. But has become an important character to highlight the temperament, identity, taste. However, there are also some brands that break the traditional design of watches and add a large number of modern and fashionable elements to the watches to launch fashion watches. In the market by the crazy young fashion sought after. What are the most fashionable watches What are the following watch home for everyone to introduce them one by one.


       CHANEL by Gabrielle Chanel was founded in France in 1913, has nearly a hundred years of history, is now the world's leading luxury brand, is the darling of the world's women's fashion. Footwear industry involved in clothing, jewelry, accessories, cosmetics and skin care products, perfumes, watches and so on. Since the launch of the first watch "Première" in 1987, Chanel has built its own watch world. With the passage of time, the pillar industry of this Chanel brand is constantly developing and expanding.


       The world famous Italian jewelry brand Bvlgari, born more than 120 years ago, with its bold design, unique style and known, get the warm pursuit of celebrities in the world, much royal royalty, movie star favor, Bvlgari family originated from Greece Deeply rooted in the classical Greek tradition, yet flourished under the influence of Roman culture, inspired by the Greek and Roman civilizations, the design of Bulgari has seen an unprecedented boom that has become One of Bulgari's most significant and most heartening parts.


       Gucci, the Italian fashion brand, was founded by Guccio Gucci in Florence, Italy in 1921. Gucci's products include fashion, leather goods, shoes, watches, ties, scarves, perfumes, household items and pet supplies. The brand has always been famous for its luxury, luxury and sensuality. Its brand image of "status and wealth" has become a darling of high-profile consumers. It has always been favored by the business community, while fashion is elegant. Gucci is now Italy's largest fashion group.


       Hermès is a world famous French luxury brand. Founded in 1837 by Thierry Hermès in Paris, France, Hermès started its career as a manufacturer of high-end harness with over 170 years of history. Hermes is an international enterprise that is loyal to traditional handicrafts and keeps pursuing innovation. As of 2014, Hermes has owned 17 categories of products including bags, scarves and ties, men's wear, women's wear and lifestyle art products. Headquartered in Paris, France, Hermes has stores all over the world. In 1996, Hermes opened the first Hermès store in China and Hermes is the unified Chinese translation of Greater China. Hermes has always been adhering to the extraordinary excellence, extremely gorgeous design concept, creating a very elegant classic model.


       Dior French fashion consumer brands, by the French fashion designer Christian Dior (Christian Dior) founded in Paris in 1946, is the world's leading fashion brand. Since 1947 the brand has been synonymous with luxury and elegance, mainly engaged in women's, men's, watches, jewelry, perfumes, cosmetics and other high-end consumer goods, the world's high fashion brand holding company - Louis Vuitton Group ( LVMH) subsidiary. "Dior" is a combination of "God" and "gold" in French, and gold later became the most common representative color of the Dior brand.

Louis Vuitton

       Louis Vuitton, founded in Paris, France in 1854, is more commonly known as the "LV" capital letter "Louis Vuitton". From the Royal Queen to the top craft workshop, the brand's classic design complies with the important development of travel history. Louis Vuitton, handed down from generation to generation, has become a symbol of fashion travel art with exceptional quality, outstanding creativity and craftsmanship. Products include handbags, travel goods, small leather goods, accessories, footwear, garments, watches, fine jewelry and customized services.

       The above is a list of some of the watch home international fashion brand watches, in addition there are many brands are also very good, due to the large number of not all introduced. These brands are from major fashion brands, from designer hands. In combination with superb Swiss watchmaking technology, both in the fashion point of view or watch quality is perfect. Of course, everyone's fashion requirements are different, the same brand will not be for everyone, so the definition of "the most fashionable watch" depends on your requirements and preferences.

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