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Longines watch water how to do longines watch how to deal with water

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Longines century watch brand, elegant, performance and tradition world-renowned. It is excellent quality, workmanship and accessories impeccable, is one of the most loved watch brands loved one of the table. As we all know, water is one of the biggest enemies of watches. In the use of Longines watches, some people accidentally lead to watch water. Then watch the following home to introduce Longines watch water how to do, longines watch how to deal with water.

       In general, Longines watch movement can make water into place only three points: the table handle (table), table Mongolia and the back cover. Waterproof devices are also installed in these three: the first handle plus apron, seals, handle and other parts of the screw cap on the edge of the back of the apron, and the table Mongolia tight. With these designs, Shi watch can be waterproof. But watch forever, absolutely waterproof it? The answer is no. Originally designed according to the requirements of the water is absolutely waterproof, but because we have to clock every fat. But also often dial the needle, a long time, the waterproof ring will be subject to wear and have gaps, the sweat on our wrist will corrode the back of the waterproof apron, even if there is no sweat corrosion, apron itself over time also aging Loose.

       And because the watch is not composed of a material, shrinkage and expansion coefficient is not the same, over time have minor gaps. All of these, are likely to see the watch movement water seepage, resulting in watch water. If the water is not serious, but the surface layer of glass mist, then available several layers of toilet paper or easy to absorb moisture flashes will be wrapped in a bag, 15 cm away from the 40-watt bulb baking for about 30 minutes , You can eliminate moisture. Avoid direct baking table near the fire, so as not to make the table subject to thermal deformation. You can also watch Mongolian inside, bottom shell outward, anti-wear on the wrist, two hours after the water vapor can be eliminated. If the water is serious, it is best to immediately send the table shop wipe oil, remove the movement of water, in order to avoid rusting parts.

       Longines quartz watch into the water, you can directly use gauze to small pieces of calcium chloride or silicone wrap; then watch the watch cover out, the gauze wrapped calcium chloride and electronic watch sealed into a plastic bag and Box. Waiting for a long time after the watch can be removed, we can see the electronic water vapor disappears. If the watch is more serious water can be placed for a day's time.

       Watch cover as attached to the water droplets, a long time, easy to cause corrosion and affect the accuracy of travel time. In this case, the layers of toilet paper or moisture-absorbing fleece cloth can be tightened, around the 40-watt light bulb (about 5 cm) baking for about half an hour, Figure 2 is a commonly used light bulb, the picture shows the barbecue light bulb . The moisture inside the watch will become water vapor. The watch will be reflected towards the inside of the table, and watch the bottom shell outward, the watch worn on the wrist anti-wear on the wrist for about two hours can eliminate hand steam.

       Finally, remind everyone that the use of Longines watches must understand the watch's waterproof rating. If the watch has a low waterproof rating, do not engage in diving or water sports, and be careful in your daily housework. In order to avoid causing the watch water and so on!

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