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Seiko Green Dial Automatic Alpinist Field Watch With 38mm Case, And Sapphire Crystal #SARB017

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Seiko automatic watch SARB017

Chaoyang - Green dialing is enough to inspire awe; if not, then gold numerals and cathedral hands. Mountaineering is specifically made with its internal, geographer watch bezel bezel that can be used as a compass. Smooth and easy to operate Unlike many other compass baffles (no need to tighten screws / pull-out / under-crown) the difference is that, to the worst of all, it never looks flashy or inappropriate even for dinner or at a fancy dress party. ..

Features ::
Made in Japan !!
Stainless steel case
Leather strap
Sapphire crystal
38 mm diameter (without crown)
Thickness: 12.0 mm
Sports: 6R15 23J Automatic (with hand windings and hacker features)
Accuracy + 25 / -15 seconds / day
Power reserve: 50 hours
Lu Ming Guang: Available
200 meters waterproof






Seiko in the world watchmaking industry unique foundation has two points: 1 is the continuous development of new watch technology, 2 is a real exploration of the nature of the watch, watch the rigorous quality of the quality of the watch ---- as it is The slogan "Innovation and Refining" - you hardly see Seiko watches will be low-end table with low cost, or a bunch of quality problems, "advanced" gimmicks, and will never see Seiko to yourself The low end of the movement on the dazzling variety of "grain" ------- What is the price of goods, penny goods

And then explain a few questions: 1, Seiko's low-end mechanical watch is divided into two versions of K and J, J version that is Japanese original, K version that is assembled overseas (assembled in the past is South Korea, but now has been basically transferred to Malaysia, the Philippines, etc. Southeast Asian countries), J and K in fact, the quality is exactly the same, K version is nothing more than the original movement, the original parts assembled outside the table in Japan, the difference is only J version dial MADE IN JAPAN words and K version does not

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