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Piaget Altiplano Watches

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As early as 1957, the Earl introduced an ultra-thin watch that could break the world of watchmaking. Its slim case and simple dial combine to make today's Earl Altiplano elegant and subtle. In 1960, the Piaget 12P was introduced, a thin and automatic movement with a thickness of only 2.3 millimeters and a miniature automatic eccentric swinging gyro 24K. Since then, 12P movement is used for men's watch.


This year, to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the brand's ultra-fine watch, the Earl presents the 2017 limited edition of the Piaget Altiplano watch collection, which combines watch design with color and brightness. One of the models (Model: G0A42118) has an electric blue dial, which is particularly attractive.
Piaget blue, dark blue crocodile leather strap, the middle tone is cobalt blue and midnight blue. The color of this slim watch is different. Case diameter polished polished in ultra thin platinum 40mm, gold hour markers and simple and elegant Barton pointer. It starts clean, limiting 360.
The thickness of the box is thin, on the contrary, the crown did not become smaller, easy to operate, adjust the time.
Dark blue crocodile leather strap, clear lines, car suture, the same dark blue lines, uniform color. Polished platinum buckle, the use of more solid.
Box thickness of 6.36 mm, from the side can be more intuitive feel how the watch thinning.
Tortillas, polished multi-level.


Bezel set with exquisite diamond ring, galvanized dial radial sculpture, retro elegant fashion, both in a different perspective, you can see the radioactive glow. The center of the sphere Blue Cross design originates from the Earl Collection, with simple and elegant slender pointers on both stitches and hour markers in its simple direction.
Small design, equipped with 1200P movement, thickness of only 2.35 mm. After a full three years of research and development movement, to become an extraordinary fashion masterpiece, and in 2010 the legendary movement 12P development, the 50th anniversary is the bridge between the past and the present, but also watch brand history tribute.
Color dial is the most prominent place for this watch, the appropriate fashion will be very stylish. In my opinion, the biggest advantage of ultra-thin watches is easy to use when entering the shirt cuffs, no barriers are very comfortable. This Piaget watch is very suitable with a shirt, decent and generous, the perfect interpretation of its extraordinary vulgar watch.

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