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Tissot classic luxury series couple watch

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Couples watch popular recently, the pair choose from love gifts, love token, when selecting a wrist watch, frequently pick the same style similar style watch, when a couple put on, the visual effects and feelings are T086.408.22.036.00, female models: T086. LUXURY AUTOMATIC Haute series couple watches, watches the state models male models: T086.408.22.036.00, female models: T086.

162 years back, Tissot was created in Europe, Locke, this attractive town in northwestern Europe to Tissot brings an abundance of creative inspiration. Tissot's classic series has a superb watch technology, Tissot is dedicated to long lasting mechanical watches bring first-class precision and good quality. Swiss watch industry happens to be noted for precision timing, these acer notebooks the embodiment of the tradition, and for that reason favorite. In my opinion a lot of my watch's first watch is another classic Tissot inside a series.

Women and men models fundamental uniform

This set of classic LUXURY AUTOMATIC Tissot couple watches to look at is consistent, the fabric from the steel is essentially exactly the same. The only real difference is the fact that men's watch situation diameter of 41 mm, silver dial. The women's watch situation situation diameter of 33 mm, having a white-colored mother of gem dial. 316L stainless to produce a classic round situation and strap, solid situation and strap design, Tissot presents classic and stylish style, fully demonstrate the ability and sweetness of the portion of the watch, using multi-level three-dimensional plate , Having a refined and stylish stick-formed pointer, so elegant and restrained watch.

1.14 micron gold plated screw-in gear crown, feel at ease, frosted crown engraved brand Tissot top capital letter "T."

Three rows of stainless bracelet, in the centre having a groove to participate the gold plating technology, performed an excellent decorative effect. Using meticulous mirror polishing and hairline polishing, the staggered complex surface treatment style, showing the best quest for Tissot watches along the way and style intentions.

Side from the situation with delicate bamboo plaid engraved engraved

Bezel also utilizes a gold coating technology, and also the colors around the bracelet, bezel neat bevel, three-dimensional full. Stainless situation affiliate with exquisite bamboo plaque engraved engraved, filled with publish-modern architectural art deco style.

The very first portion of the lugs and bracelets flat

The lugs aren't lengthy, and also the first portion of the bracelet flat, polished hair lines, and also the bezel and also the side from the situation a great distinction, looks very layered. Put on much more comfortable, thinner wrist there won't be any fit feeling.

Steel butterfly clasp

Stainless butterfly clasp, having a easy and convenient, clasp engraved with "TISSOT" and "1853", instantly you can study this watch series.

Men's silver dial

Dial having a multi-level three-dimensional face plate, men's silver watch silver dial, foreign black transfer minute scale bits, hour bit with 11 inlaid diamonds inlaid, with gold-plated gem holder .3 o'clock position with calendar display window , Your window also uses gold plating technology. Big three-pin design, gold plated hour, minute and 2nd hands. Within the color to keep a unified, the entire isn't chaos, read obvious, instantly.

Female models for that white-colored mother of gem dial

Women watch the dial design and men essentially exactly the same, however with a white-colored mother of gem dial rather of the white-colored dial, so the whole watch more feminine, filled with female charm.

Powermatic 80 self-winding movement

Azure very glass back, foreign aid having a gold-plated steel fixed, and also the whole watch uniform. Both models are outfitted with exclusive Tissot "Powermatic 80 self-winding movement," the movement through the Tissot and also the same kind of piece of fabric group Swiss professional movement manufacturer ETA interact to produce, with 80 hrs of lengthy-term power reserve , But no alternation in how big the movement, showing the Tissot watch breakthrough in the area of professional watch another giant advance. Provides as much as 80 hrs of power reserve. Two watches waterproof for 50 meters fundamental waterproof.

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