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DURA watch how to inherit the traditional spirit of Swiss watch.

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DURA is one of the watch brands from Switzerland. With its brand of "classic heritage and taste", DURA is loved by many lovers around the world. Due to the popularity of Du Lutiao watches in the country is not high, many domestic friends do not know much about the brand. So "Durant watch how" has become a matter of concern to everyone, then the next watch house to tell everyone about it.

       Kissin - Du Lang, 1871 was born in the Swiss watch family, his father as a French royal aristocrat watchmaking specialists, painter, the family is particularly affluent. Kisten - Du Lang smart and studious since childhood, deeply influenced by his father and with the same deep father with the same painting design, 17-year-old began to try to make their own pocket watch and longing for their own watch studio. In 1895, the young Durant, active in thought and increasingly interested in watchmaking, had just half a bedroom filled with samples of his own designs in just a few years, almost obsessed with watchmaking.

       A private celebrity collection of 1896, a highly individualized work that appealed to the young Durant, presented a book in the hands of a young, beautiful woman at the center of the work, as if speaking to a girl in front of her What is it? See here, he remembered his father's teachings and nurturing, sincerely feel the work is particularly warm. After the exhibition he found the author what he did not think was that she was actually a young woman of her age and went through further and in-depth conversations. They shared a common idea to work together to create their own Watchmaking studio.

       Du Lancy watches committed to creating an independent watchmaking company, and made the appearance of Swiss watchmaking around the world. Each watch is designed to meet the pulse of the market carefully designed and produced, inheriting the traditional Swiss watch spirit. But a brand advantage is not to make some popular works, but more unique, king-style art - become a legend! Because this is the founder of Keist Ting - Du Lang the pursuit of watchmaking art throughout his life ambition.

       Classic watch style, and a reasonable market price so that more consumers benefit, but also enhance the Du Lancy watch in Europe outside the visibility and loyalty enhancement. As the watch market matures, and more people have a "taste" of the watch, this opens up the market with a unique design Duran watch more confidence.

       Dulan table quality of the other according to love you and meticulous workmanship, not only to bring convenience to your life, but also has a very high collectible value. Exquisite! Precise! Focus on each special moment, so that you taste and identity of the noble symbol. Durand carrying Swiss movement, sapphire mirror, carbon steel metal steel. Ensure that the fine high-quality materials. It is the perfect artwork, stylish atmosphere.

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