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Versus watch brand introduction

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Now there are many types of watches and brands, most of the traditional watches. While some fashion people have higher requirements on fashion watch, so will consider buying avant-garde fashion watch brand. Versace Versus is a very good fashion watch, watch home today to introduce the brand, we welcome everyone to understand.

       When you see Versace Versus, is not a lot of friends think of the famous Italian fashion brand Versace? In fact, they really have a close relationship. Versace Versace Versace is a young Vice-line brand, product design is not only young, but also revealed an aggressive enthusiasm. This statement may sound abstract, but it is indeed the spirit of Versace Versus. Even if it is just a simple line style, it can also create a foreign flavor like reveling in artistic painting.

       Versace's typical personal expression is "fashion", "passion" and other synonymous with quality, in addition to vibrant and confident with a playful femininity. This theme runs through the recent Versace lineup, which includes the following multiple series. It originally came from the Gianni Versace conception, by his sister Donatella Versace as chief designer. Like Versace, Van Sees core secret lies in the concept of a fashion kingdom, charming magic, and full of femininity. These are based on Versace's innovation as the soul of fashion as an integral part of pop culture.

Vanser Logo series

       The Logo collection resembles the Versace collection of Reve watches, but is re-painted with a more youthful glow and vibrant dial with simple black, white or other bright colors.

Vasess Hummingbird series

       Hummingbird series has the ultimate sense of fashion and vivid femininity, which consists of a compact case connected with the beautiful bead chain winding pendant bracelet. Contrasting with it is a string of short tassels on the other side of the bracelet, revealing an entertaining self.

Van Persie City Series

       The vibrant City Collection - large Arabic numerals or Roman numerals displayed on the large case, adds a dimension to this powerful watch. You can wear it anytime, anywhere.

Fan Si Si Tokyo series

       The highlights of the Tokyo series are simple dials placed in a classic round case. Some styles of bezel with crystal, while others are smooth. Tokyo watches have colorful styles to choose from, but also have very different black and white steel watches. The simplicity of this series has a wide range of applicability, through the uncomplicated and complementary design, the watch infiltration of a self-confidence.

Versace Soho series

       Soho series will be splashed color splash in the world's most popular complex craft watch - Chronograph. Large case and bright color hand, crown combination of unforgettable, emitting a sense of confidence and the city.

Vanity Fair Hollywood series

       The Hollywood series undoubtedly belonged to Beverly Boulevard or Rodeo Drive, but it may be more suitable for the Sunset Boulevard and the idol's territory. Versace bracelet and spandex style show on the Greek maze, but the real difference is the element through the crystal LED light moment shows, like Los Angeles sky hanging billboards.

Vanser silk optical series

       Stylish and elegant Optical series with a fine ring chain bracelet and Kaleidoscope design dial to convey the constant pursuit of transformation of the concept, and this is the characteristics of modern women.

Vasess VbyV series

       VbyV for a more avant-garde audience, reshape the Versace Eon series. Round case and celestial dial is modern and elegant. But unlike the Eon watch, VbyV's strap and case are strapped and strapped, and they look and feel mature and sophisticated, while at the same time paying tribute to the vigorous vigor inherent in each woman.

Vasess Paillettes collection

       Paillettes series is a distinctive jewelry, its wide bracelet by the three circular side by side connected. These round buttons and the dial constitute a visual element of each other, so watch full of cohesion and vitality.

       The above is Versace Versus watch introduction, although Versace Versus series more, but each have a table with the brand's iconic beauty, are the embodiment of Italian fashion style and design. It is such a fashion style that Vasess Versus is rapidly gaining popularity among younger people, especially some women who love it more. If you also want to have a rich fashion watch, I believe Versace Versus must be a good choice.

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