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Help Identify these OOOOOOOOLD Pocket Watches

Here we have a pair of rather old pocket watches, found little to no info online, so maybe someone here will know more.

First, appears to have a chain drive, movement marked "London" and something that looks like "Tarts" maybe and maybe "S622" under that.  Hallmarks are nearly illegible.  Case is 42mm diameter, 26mm thick, key wind/set, outer shell/case is 49.5mm diameter:
38531792990_0e4bb34c37_z.jpgIMG_2041 by Ned Doolittle, on Flickr
26470030738_8acbbe733e_z.jpgIMG_2042 by Ned Doolittle, on Flickr
38531792140_562bd66ddb_z.jpgIMG_2043 by Ned Doolittle, on Flickr
39630320584_543a715e88_z.jpgIMG_2044 by Ned Doolittle, on Flickr
38531790730_5a626083b2_z.jpgIMG_2045 by Ned Doolittle, on Flickr
39630319394_5eb78829cf_z.jpgIMG_2046 by Ned Doolittle, on Flickr
39630318674_f1b4e774a4_z.jpgIMG_2047 by Ned Doolittle, on Flickr

Second up, movement marked "John Verow Hinkley", appears he was a watchmaker in Hinkley (now Hinckley) and this is probably from 1795, maybe.  Also marked on Movement "No 202" at least it looks that way.  Case has hallmarks as follows: HH {anchor} (lion);  these same hallmarks are on the outer shell/case too.  This case is 45mm diameter, thickness of 22.5 (domed flat-top bullseye crystal), outer shell/case is 53mm diameter:
39630317874_6c8ebbca0b_z.jpgIMG_2048 by Ned Doolittle, on Flickr
39630317454_ae9e436d5c_z.jpgIMG_2049 by Ned Doolittle, on Flickr
39630316844_a5db8fca35_z.jpgIMG_2050 by Ned Doolittle, on Flickr
39630315704_52f030776e_z.jpgIMG_2051 by Ned Doolittle, on Flickr
39630314994_10209367fe_z.jpgIMG_2052 by Ned Doolittle, on Flickr

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