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JLC Polaris Date vs Panerai Pam001312

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Hi Everyone,

looking into getting my 1st proper watch and the two I keep coming back to are the Polaris Date and the Luminor Marina Automatic. I was initially fixed on the Panerai but the JLC is creeping up on me

I quite like the two of these as they are both brands and models that until recently I had never heard of let alone seen on somebody’s wrist.

I would be looking for something to pretty much wear next non stop, and like these as I feel they would sit well both casual and semi-smart attire, also long term durability would be a positive.

I haven’t considered resale as in my mind would leaving either of these behind to my Son at some point.

i understand that JLC might have a bit More prestige as a brand with the more expensive models, but would be interested in hearing opinions of how these two stack up against each other.

many Thanks







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