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H10 My Favorite HODINKEE Story: Jason Heaton

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It’s been famously said that, “writing about music is like dancing about architecture.” Similarly, I think it’s difficult to capture the allure and magic of a watch in words, even after 10 years of trying. But some do it better than others. Back when I was budding watch journalist (that still sounds like a ridiculous job to me), there were a small handful of writers in the watch space I looked up to. One of them was Jack Forster. His stories resonated with not only a depth of technical know-how but, more importantly to me, the way a watch can forge a connection with its wearer. Jack set an example to which I aspired in my own work. 

Fast forward a few years, some career chicanes, several memorable press trips together, and Jack and I are colleagues at Hodinkee. And I still find him the best watch writer around. Case in point, my favorite HODINKEE story of the past decade: “Conspicuously Consumed – The Rolex Day-Date, In 36mm And 40mm, Compared.” Don’t let the rather banal title fool you: this is watch writing at its finest. No, this is product writing at its finest. Jack’s use of appropriate quotes, his almost Proustian nostalgia for his childhood and, most significantly, the way a gold Rolex wristwatch made, and makes him, feel is nothing short of sublime. Never mind that I’m not in the least bit interested in a gold Day-Date. Sure, this article is ostensibly about two Rolex watches, but also it’s not. It’s also about what makes an object more than an object. And if writing about watches is an elusive pursuit, then stories like this are worth the chase. 

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