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Black Friday deal - Orient Star Seeker

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Forum sponsor Island Watch featured the Orient Star Seeker on their Black Friday sale (which actually started on Thanksgiving/Thursday). Since I had stupidly sold my Orient Star Retrograde, this caught my eye, so I bought it as soon as the sale went live, and received it on Monday. Great service as usual!

Anyway, here are my pictures. This thing looks much nicer in person. I like the pearl-like finish on the dial which picks up light from a variety of angles and gives it a nice glow.


Orient Star Seeker-10 by fortsonre, on Flickr


Orient Star Seeker-11 by fortsonre, on Flickr


Orient Star Seeker-2 by fortsonre, on Flickr


Orient Star Seeker-3 by fortsonre, on Flickr


Orient Star Seeker-6 by fortsonre, on Flickr


Orient Star Seeker-8 by fortsonre, on Flickr

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I couldn't make my mind up between the white dial and the black one and in the end I went for the black but all along I have wondered if I made the wrong choice. The pictures of your new baby have convinced me that I did indeed choose wrongly. Congratulations. (I bet I end up buying the white one next year)


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